Tuesday, November 20, 2012

These Dogs Have Fierce Appetites; They Never Have Enough: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Enthusiasts--Isaiha 56:10-11


Little Did I know when I started this blog called "The First Church of Pit Bulls", how ironic it would be to learn one of the most powerful Pit Bull apologia machines be an honest to goodness church, although now they have polished up their name and tried to divorce themselves from their history to become BEST FRIENDS.  Once upon a time, they were called
The Process Church of the Final Judgment, which was founded in the era of the Flower Child and flourished for about two decades.  There are some speculated connections to the Manson Family, and its splinter group, which became known as Scientology.   They are viewed to be Satanic, as they worshiped both Satan and Christ, the thought that Satan and Christ would be reconciled.  These visions came to them while in Mexico,

"Near Sisal they came upon a spot they had envisioned in their meditations. Xtul, a place of ruins, was near the beach, hugged by coconut palms; pronounced ‘Shtul’ the word meant ‘terminus’ or ‘end’ in Mayan. For the Process, however, it was only the beginning."

perhaps they caught on to the same prophetic wind that passed to the Mayans, Nostradamus,  Daniel and John, of an approaching apocalypse, December 21, 1212.   How will we survive without Twinkies? 

They became an an animal rescue in 1984, after it was found out  it was more lucrative.  Their website advises that about 1,700 dogs, cats and other animals live there, some awaiting adoption and some that will spend the rest of their lives at the sanctary
.  Best Friends describes itself as “…the nation’s largest no-kill safe haven for displaced, homeless or unwanted domestic animals.”  Guidestar records show income at almost $44 million in 2009 and net assets near $38 million. http://www.bestfriends.org/atthesanctuary

This Bible verse inspired visions of the Processions, due to some specific symbols.  The original members of the cult would walk about in dark robes, with German Shepherd Dogs. They have changed their mascot, it's obvious to the Pit Bull.  I digress, the "dogs" and the "shepherds" are all metaphorical,  and I'm speaking specifically of Best Friends and their ilk, who use the same tacticsTHEY are the dogs.  I have word that they still meet in their robes. 
The rescue received a huge endowment and even greater press and visibility after they took in the "Victory Pits", which they continue to market, while also pushing the dangerous concept that pit bulls can be rehabilitated, and should be rehabilitated over breeds of dogs that are considerably less risky, and promoting a "no kill" agenda that really is a road to hell paved with good intentions.  Yes, promoting pit bulls which they themselves can not properly manage when considering suitable containment.  Consider the hubris of keeping an aggressive and dangerous dog alive, because it was the victim of abuse, in favor of sending other unwanted pets to end up being rendered, because they were merely lost?  Why is it morally superior to save animals that are chronically lame  or unsuitable, who need medication for the rest of their lives?  How many healthy animals could be saved at the same expense?  The answer is simple....all of the "pitty" translates into huge sums of donated money.  

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