Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Witchcraft!


Once upon a time, back in the days when everyone wanted to ban Doberman Pincers.......

Oh wait, this isn't a fairy tale.  It's a true story!
October 31, 1982 (The Tuscaloosa News) 

Not coven of witches in custody fight....
Pit bulldogs convinced judge

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles - It was not the coven of 13 lesbian witches that bothered the commissioner.  Or the books on witches and the preparation of "psychedelic mushrooms."  Or the  "mummified human" called the "Indian lady."  Or the wall-sized tapestry of the Medusa-headed "lizard lady" or even the five-pointed star called a witch's pantagram (pentagram).

It was the five pit bulldogs that convinced Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Robert a. Schnider Friday to grant temporary  custody of a 2-year-old Purdy Tran to her Vietnamese father, Tuan a. Tran, 37, a professor of anatomy. 

The little girl has been living with her mother, Laura Tran, 26, a chiropractor and several other women in a 5,839 square-foot mansion shrouded by weeds and plants six feet high in nearby Altadena, since Friday, Aug. 13. 

Henry James Moehler IV, a lawyer for United Fathers of America Inc. who specializes in father's custody claims, sought the temporary custody for the father who feared the child was in danger. Koehler said Schnider,  who considered his temporary order in a short closed-door session, was reluctant to "judge anyone's lifestyle" in such a hasty court proceeding, and based his ruling solely on the presence of the dogs.

Mrs. Tran, who sued her husband for divorce last Aug. 5 acting as her own attorney, did not appear in court to contest the action.  A full court hearing on the custody matter will be conducted in about three weeks.

"I'm delighted, "Koehler said.  "He (Schnider) made his decision on the imminent danger to the child and not on somebody's lifestyle.  That is absolutely correct.  A very thorough piece of work that he did here." 

These days of course, it's a new lifestyle to impose imminent danger to children,  and it's the rage!

Tran declined to talk with reporters.

Among six sworn declarations presented to Schnider detailing the child's forced lifestyle was one by Los Angeles Sheriff's Lt. Daniel Burt, an expert on dog-fighting investigations, who said a pit bulldog could be provoked to attack by a child's "normal squealing or screaming." 

Once attacked, he said, a small child would normally thrash about, driving the dog "into a frenzy almost like that of a feeding shark." 

"Due to my years of contact with and study of the pit bull,"  Burt stated, "I can say, without qualification, that I would not permit a child to be in the presence of or in contact with the dog without immediate and constant adult supervision." 

Declare that today, and you will be called a HATER or a NAZI!

Investigators and friends reported that the Altadena mansion was guarded by one pit bulldog, Tantra (a Hindu name supposedly emphasizing female sexual power), inside the house, and four others in the backyard.

I wonder what a pit bull named Tantra could possibly symbolize for a bunch of lesbian witches....
not that there is anything wrong with that.....

"The court finds that living in a residence containing pit bulldogs poses a significant danger to the minor child, " Schnider wrote in his brief order, "And expressly bases its order on that finding and not on the various other allegations...." 

But it was expressly those allegations that conjured up visions of Halloween.  A babystiter and two famliy friends - all women -provided the sworn descriptions of the mummy, tapestry, pantagram (a star-like figure used by witches), fearful paintings and books on witchcraft and mushrooms they saw in the house.

Stephen C. Wood, a private detective hired by Tran and Koehler to investigate the child's habitat, stated in court documents that witches normally have "satanic servants" such as the dogs to guard secret areas.  He said his research also showed that Satan tries to reclaim the earth every 28th year, that 1982 is a 28th year of the repeating cycle and that Sunday, Halloween, is the date when Satan's powers are strongest. 

And Lo and Behold, it seems that these furry "satanic servants" have come to power, and as of 2010, they are taking over the earth.

"There are references," Wood stated, "to witches sacrificing children during their ceremonies."

I'm going to get you my little pretties,
And your little dog too!

Since then, many children, postal workers, little old ladies walking down the street, well meaning bleeding heart types who missed their chance to march for civil rights, little yappy dogs, cats, horses, sheep, marine mammals, and yes, even goats, who used to be the symbol of Satan himself...have been sacrificed to the Nanny Dog.  According to this, the next cycle will end in 2038.

 In the end, very happy to report, likely due to the wisdom of the judge listening to the advice of Lt. Daniel Burt, little Purdy grew up and became a strong,  beautiful, altruistic feminist. She was crowned the 80th Rose Queen of Pasadena.  As far as we know, she is living happily ever after, and resides in a city where pit bulls are banned. 

Many thanks to VINTAGE, this little blip on the tedious seemingly never-ending-miles-long-list-of- -child-sacrifice- to-the-Nanny Dog, lives reduced to centimeters of text by pit bulls.  This one stood out like a sore thumb, and deserved to be given its own shrine and alter at the First Church of Pit Bulls.

To all of those souls reduced to  a few lines of text, who are now memory and star dust, we will not forget you.  Almost every day it seems, a new name is added to the list.  We will tell your stories.  Maybe one day, the world will listen and learn the lesson.