Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wallowing in the Mire: 2 Peter 2:22

Pit Bull rescues must attract quite a few grifters, after all, how many people cut from reputable fabric would peddle the wares of the dogmen?    It seems that a pit bull advocacy by the name of Hello Bully, a national non-profit dedicated to improving the reputation of pit bulls, will now need to repair its own reputation due to the grifting activities of a 25 year old man named Jesse James Gasior.  Well, I say you reap what you sow. This is what you get when you wallow in the mire of the world of pit bulls, and the people who are attracted to pit bulls. 

Mr. Gasior will be serving time for impersonating Homeland security agents, which gave him access to the private information of some well meaning students who wanted to help those poor maligned pit bulls, as well as other various scams on Craigslist.

"Gasior still has state charges that include impersonating a public employee and misrepresenting a sale as being for charity, according to court records.

On May 17, about three weeks after the FBI arrested him for the Craigslist scam, Gasior entered Brentwood High without permission and walked into classrooms telling faculty and staff that he was a Homeland Security agent, according to an arrest affidavit by Brentwood police Officer Gerald Mikelonis.
Gasior asked students if they were interested in donating money to Hello Bully, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving the reputation of pit bulls, police said. At least six students provided Gasior with their names, phone numbers and email addresses, police said." 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Good News...The BIBLE SAVES!

Puddles the Angel Doggie

In my neighborhood, people walk with weapons.  I see an assortment of golf clubs and bats, there's likely pepper spray, knives, and guns hidden from view.  Apparently, there is a rash of accounts of people who no longer count on Animal Control or the Police to take care of errant pit bulls, and not just in my neighborhood:  people are taking up arms. Take your weapon when you go for the mail, isn't that ridiculous?  Welcome to Darfur!  Well, it is said, the Good Lord helps those who help themselves.

Be forewarned, however, those who live by the sword, die by the sword. In today's society, an act of self preservation can be viewed to be animal cruelty. Also, remember what happened to George Zimmerman, he originally purchased a handgun to protect himself and his wife from pit bulls running amok.

And then there is the man in Riverside California who shoved a hose down a pit bull named Puddles, and well, her name became an ironic and self fulfilling prophecy, and the man who was tired of dealing with this dog was cast as a horrible, wretched and cruel man.  The thing is, a normal dog would flee in such a deluge, but not the tenacious gripper, who was very pregnant at the time. I smell irresponsible pit bull owner, but the man who was protecting his dog was made out to be the bad guy.

I would also like to share the good news...the Bible can also SAVE in more ways than one!

This is an older media report, but I thought I would share it, since it is in keeping with the theme of this blog.  Besides, I found this groovy animated pit bull angel gif, and I had to share it with all of the faithful members our our congregation here at the First Church of Pit bulls, safety advocates and pit bull advocates alike.  Hey ya Pit Bull Tribe from Facebook...keep those break sticks AND the Bible handy! And for everyone else...may your angels be watching for you (and your dog)  when you go for a walk.....or may you be able  turn a pit bull into an angel.  God works in mysterious ways, so they say! 

City View, TX (KFDX) - A 77-year-old grandmother is recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls in a neighborhood outside of Austin, Texas. Luckily, a few good Samaritans came to her rescue.
The blood stains spattered on the road speak of the vicious attack.
"It was horrible. It was horrible. She was just crying, 'Help me, help me.'"
"They could have killed her. And that would have just been devastating. it was devastating enough to see her so defenseless on the ground pleading for help."
"They just ripped her. They had a rip on her head from here to back there, they had cut her right there & they had sliced her arm so it swelled up. And they had our arm just tearing at it."
These three Jehovah's witnesses were visiting the neighborhood when they heard June O'Hara's screams and joined a college student, trying to fight off the dogs.
"He come and grabbed the stick and he started beating at the dogs and they were trying to bite and attack him."

The Jehovah's witnesses decided seek a little divine intervention.

"I actually threw two Bibles. And they did back up. They backed up when I threw the Bibles at em. so the Bibles did help."

Finally, as first responders arrived, the dogs released the victim. Animal Control captured both pit bulls. AMR took June to the hospital.
"She's a very nice lady. I don't know her - but she's somebody's mother, somebody's grandmother, somebody's friend."
"The first thing she said to me when we saw her in the ER was she didn't think she was going to live through it. She actually didn't think she was going to be alive after this."
June's son, Tim, got to meet the good Samaritan ladies.
"There were some tears of thanks and joy and stuff like that. I'll find a way to go to their church and thank em somehow - there's gotta be a way. But I wish I could find out who the young man was. He needs to be thanked, too."
Tim says he wants something done to prevent this from happening to anyone else.
"My mom says she'll never go out the house again to take a morning walk like she has for who knows how many years - can't think of how many years she's been doing it. So now that's gonna tie her up in the house, and every time she walks outside she's going to be looking over her shoulder."

O'Hara has been released from the hospital. She sustained 12 puncture wounds to the head and a deep bite on her stomach.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Woe to the Bloody City! It is all full of LIES! Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Advocates and you got to see this to believe it!--Nahum 3:1

photo sources from Yahoo Images

Here is a MUST SEE Documentary.  I should really be called A LIE A MINUTE.   In fairness, there is also so much good about this documentary.  Some of the good,  is that the images that go along with what is being said at the very moment, are ironically disproving what these advocates are saying.  But there is redemption...The last five minutes, we find the liars and even some of the ridiculous essentially regurgitating what those of us  haters  have been screaming for something to be done with regards to these dogs:  REGULATION!  AMEN AND GLORY HALLELUJAH!  When we on the other side say these same exact things, we are called racists (and that it's too bad the pit bull didn't maul us to death, or something very like it.)  These pit bull advocates need to work more spreading this concept, less trying to bully and silence us.   

 The maker of this film did not interview ONE victim, and obviously didn't do some fact checking.  At the end, I will provide links to the participant's affiliations and you can contemplate for yourself, and explore if there is some kind of agenda.   Perhaps we can take the night (and broad daylight)  back from the dogs, and heal the wounds of this and every bloody city around the world, and even find a way for people who truly understand pit bulls and can afford the liability to own them with out risking the rest of us.        

An annotated guide of lies, ridiculousness, hoots, hubris, and Hallelujahs!

 00:44   Old time pit bull breeders around the turn of the century...if a pit bull showed man aggression, they curled (culled) the dog....LIE

00:55    The love this dog has for people is unparalleled.  (4)Hubris and racist

1: 00   There's a lot of hard work it takes to make one of these guys bad.  LIE

1:12  I don't apologize for having a politically incorrect dog.  I don't apologize for telling my bloody pit bull experience either, that shouldn't be politically incorrect to do so. 

1:24  Bad people make bad dogs, regardless of breed. LIE, and saying it again won't make it true.  However, if you want to interpret this that the  bad people are the dogmen who bred this dob to be bad, then you are right!

2:05  The pit bull was the first dog to  ever live in OUR White house. (1) LIE

2:13 They get a bad rap on T.V.  Boo hoo hoo...They have Animal Planet, Tia,  Shorty, Racheal Ray, and Cesar Milan

3:28 Our duty, if we are to have them, is to understand the way their minds work.  (4.) AMEN!

 3:48  Dogs are really wolves in dog's clothing.  (4) Hubris

5:12  This is a dog you have to MAKE aggressive towards people (4) 3rd time LIE

5:18  They take a dog that is so BEAUTIFUL...(4) BARF! SAYETH Meals on Wheels

5:37  With  the pit bulls there was a time when you could jump into a back yard, I don't care what age the pit bull was, you could just pick him up and take him.  That's how docile the pit bull was.  (4) Hubris, look at the next comment... 

6:15  Pit bulls have a problem in the way they have been bred in the last 400 years... (2) see the above comment.  I want some 'splaining. 

 6:47  It's not normal for any dog to fight it's own kind to the's anti survival as far as a species is concerned. (3)  Yes, don't think it's normal  for our subtle dogs to become bait dogs or curs, or a snack for pit bulls.  

10:50  We want to be able to say we would like to save these dogs and we're going to turn them around.  And that's human nature,  You can't do it and there is no happy ending.  This is a situation where nobody can tell if one of these dogs is going to turn around and bite somebody, and when they do,  every agency associated with that is going to be sued.....and the kindest  thing we can do is to put them down.  AMEN!

11:37  Animal Aggression and people aggression are two separate things, and they generally don't mesh together, you usually have one or the other, particularly in this breed.  (5) Hubris

12:12  They have a lot of go, and a LOT of power... (5) Hubris...listen to this lady's enthusiasm and tone here , she's the perky gripping dog cheerleader! 

12:28  I don't want to vilify these animals, I'm not saying the breed is vicious and dangerous by nature or by genetics, but we all do agree that they have the physiological strength if they are aggressive, that they can cause serious injury and death.  (6) AMEN!

13:19 Yes, right now we are having a problem with pit bulls. (6) AMEN!

13:43  The statistics of dog attacks reflect the popularity of the breed at the time. (2) LIE

13: 50 The top three are Chihuahuas, Daschunds and Cocker Spaniels. (2)Hubris

14: 01  Pit bulls account for a VERY VERY small amount of the serious attacks over the country. (2) LIE

14:14  If you look behind the facts, most of the injuries most people have suffered from pit bulls, are breaking up fights between a pit bull and another dog. (2)   Hubris and Lie. Kind City Attorney in charge of animal cruelty, don't you see the problem this causes for both people and the subtle dogs being attacked by dogs purposely bred to be aggressive?

14:16 Now let the congregation rise and stand for a call and responsive reading of the "Dobie was the bad dog of the 60's"....blah blah blah and GLORY HALLELUJAH! (7)  Such a blasted lie it is categorized as a hoot.

14:57  A pit bull breeder of 25 years calls concern for the lack of regulation of breeding.  He also suggest that not every one should own one and that they "are a problem in the wrong hands". (8)   I've said the same things and I get called a hater.

16:47  Take a peek inside the sanctuary of the First Church of Pit Bulls.  Hoot and Hallelujah!

16: 49 There are some of the most intelligent and responsible people who have this breed. (4.) Hubris.   Now brace yourself for the next  comments.
17:00 I hate hearing someone’s down this breed of dog. (9)  Hoot
17:12  That's my boy Atom Bomb there. (9) Hoot

18:05 I can not read a dog like Larry Hill can read a dog. (9) Hoot

19:08  Just to hand over the dog, that's an accident just waiting to happen. (10)  Highly ironic Hootin' Hubris when you look at the set up in this trainer's back yard.


We certainly hope there are no unintended CANINE THRILLS at LARRY HILL's or accidents just waiting to happen due to any ramps or other equipment being a bit too close to the fence. 
19:18  I'm looked at like an outlaw just like the dog is. (11)  I'll play the race card for a buck. 

20:20  God created every creature, every entity everything that's here. (10) Hubris, God created e. coli, fleas, mange and hurricanes too.

20:22  Somewhere along in scripture, I read where you shouldn't add anything, nor take anything away.  (10)  Take a look at this scripture too.

20:35  This animal is not detrimental to society.  Society is detrimental to this animal. (10)  Hubris.  Since you like to use the Bible as a guide, recall that Satan refused to bow to Adam too....

21:50  Benny Hinn moment! Can we get ourselves some church in here!

22: 27  I think it was so racially motivated.  (12) Hubris and playing the race card for pit bulls.

23: 59  If anyone every debates with you that American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers are completely different breeds, please show them this section, and you can hear it debated by breed experts and fanciers (13.)  who own pit bulls.  If you try to do this, you will be called a "hater". 

23:44 - 26:32 Why the need for renaming pit bulls, in the words of pit bull advocates.  If you try to do this, you will be called a "hater" and be told that you need to be "educated"  (13. 14)

27:39  As you can see, this line (The American Bully) is not a fighting line. (16.)  Hubris


28:25  I'd much rather have a dog that is dog aggressive, than a dog that is people aggressive. (18.)  HOOT! Stop dissin' those subtle dogs, racist!

28:32  I have a problem with people that try to sugar coat what they (pit bulls)  are.   (5.) Thank you and AMEN!

30:10  YOU TOO CAN LEARN SOME MAD LION TAMER SKILLS from this perky lady! (5.)

30:44 If I go to a yard and there are multiple pit bulls, that's a red flag for me. Because they were bred to be aggressive towards other dogs, If they are not aggressive towards dogs, I go hmmmm.  Every situation I've been in, where a pit bull  did bite somebody, it was side by side with another pit bull dog. (5.) Hubris

 31:19  I don't think people even realize, that it's their actions and motions that often trigger the attacks in the first place. Hubris and blatant LIE

33:16  I've always liked doing it (personal protection sports with dogs)  with the alternate breeds, because people say they can't. Hubris

35:46.  I've had my Malinois snap, I've had Rottweilers snap, I've had Shepherds snap,  but the pit bulls are stable. (5.)  Hubris, and epic fail with those subtle dogs.  You have henceforth lost the right to ever say "it's all how you raise 'em" and "blame the breed and not the deed". 

35:55  They were once called the Nanny dog because they were so good with children.  (5) LIE

38:07   Downtown Dog Rescue is set up to help the VERY low income people get their dogs spayed and neutered... GLORY HALLELUJAH! Thanks, what we need is people with VERY low income to have the type of dog that requires the most responsibility and needs people who can afford the liability.  Perhaps Downtown Dog Rescue can help pay for the helicopters, emergency teams,  medical procedures and rehabilitation of survivors,  set up a fund to pay for putting together the subtle dogs and cats back together when the pit bull belonging to the VERY low income people attacks. 

39:07  Why does this remind me of when Bubba told Forrest about all of the different kinds of shrimp? (7)

39:33 subtle neighborhoods and subtle dogs? ALERT:  NEW TERM!  Subtle dogs= regular dogs, that often become bait dogs and curs, and dinner for the AGGRESSIVE dogs.  All that it takes for a SUBTLE neighborhood to become an AGGRESSIVE neighborhood is to add some pit bulls.  It happens. 

  41:46  "Oh we're not making him mean", (20.)  to Mr. LAPD on the other side of the chain link.  He he he.    

42:10  Pit bull throat singing
43:50  But if you socialize him, he's just like ANY OTHER dog.  (20.) LIE to be refuted by the Karma Trainer....

44:05  "Their needs, what's required,  all of it is so much more than owning a REGULAR dog." (21.) OoohmmmmMEN!

44:52  With pit bulls, much more so than other dogs, I immediately have a bond with them. (21.) He doesn't bond with subtle dogs.  Racist.  

45:11 Now, just because I believe in Karma, I'm not against regulations for pit bull owners, people who want to own powerful breeds.  I think it's very irresponsible to just  hand over the keys to a pit bull.  The consequences are just too drastic. (21) OoohmmmmMEN!

 45: 30  Now, when a pit bull attacks a human being to me that's just totally unnatural. (21)
That's what we think too! 

45:38  They are better with people than any breed I know. (21) Hubris and racist against subtle dogs.

45: 53  ..when you are talking about a pit bull with another dog, that's part of the huge responsibility. (21) Amen! Those subtle dogs don't stand a chance.

46:19  There are too many rescuing organizations out there that shouldn't be rescuing this breed.   They don't know the breed. They don't understand them, they don't recognize them.  (5)  Uh hum 22 & 23

46:32  I think a lot of people are adopting the bully breed, because they just want to help something that is in need.  (4)  Can we get ourselves some church up in here, 22 & 23!

46:40  First of all they would need to be a home owner, they would need to have a secure fence, and also a kennel with a top and a bottom.... (5) Amen, but when we suggest such a thing, we are called haters.

47:03  O.K., I became a little nuts and adopted my fourth dog (all pit bulls).  Oompa.....three fights have already broken out. (Why she has security gates. )  Both my DAUGHTER and I made sure that we are going to be safe..... (22)  Glory Glory Hallelujah!

48:28  I decided to get a pit bull because they have such a bad reputation.... (23) Hoot!

48:32   ....even though a hundred years ago, they used to be the number one family dog. (23)  LIE!

48:43  They have such a high pain threshold that kids could ride 'em, pull their tails and poke their eyes,  the dog was neutral to that, it just didn't matter. (5) LIE!

48:55 ...and they were bred to be gentle. LIE!  You can't have it both ways!

This dog looks so happy

39:27  They (American Bullies)  are actually bred for temperament, to be a loyal family pet. (25)  More Nanny LIE!

49:39  Pit Bull Pax Hominibus and Kum By Yah! (25) 

These dogs are bred for temperament...

50:15  A lot of (hard core urban street)  people are using these dogs, you know, to better their lifestyle..... realizing they can use these dogs to make money in a positive way.... (7) can it be positive to breed more and more dogs, while millions are ending up in shelters?

 50:24 Ugly lookin', mean lookin' dogs.... (7) AMEN TO THAT!

51:38  And WHITE people see us and our dogs the way they do. (26)   Hoot...I'm sure he meant to say, WHY, but it could also be a little Freudian slip.

51:50  We got a dog ministry here at Set Free! GLORY HALLELUJAH!

52:11 We're not into poodles or any of that kind of stuff. (27)  Hoot!  Anti-subtle dog racist!

52:21 Get them (pit bulls)  to be obedient...get 'em behavin' we like our women to be. (27)  You can't make this stuff up.   Subtle dog racist and misogynist in the service of the Lord!

52: 54 We like to go where the pizza man won't deliver. (27) Knee slappin' Hoot!

 53:24   Some of these Bully shows, are not the crowd we really want to be in.... (28) 
 Ironic Criticism of Bully Show scene, while pit bull plays on spring pole and wearing a curious historical insignia with some rather unsavory connotations....but we subtle folks don't really like encountering the entire spectrum of the Bully scene in our subtle neighborhoods especially when you can't seem to control your non-subtle dogs.

53:50  At some of these shows, there are some of these dogs that are acting aggressive, I don't think they should be allowed to be brought in public at all, and in some aspects, maybe that dog shouldn't even be allowed to be alive. (28) AMEN, but if we say that, we are called racists and haters.  

54:42  Any breed of dog, when they start breeding for specifics...specific size, specific color, specific heads,  I'm afraid we are missing the point... (5) Hubris...I think YOU are missing the point of animal husbandry, and what do you think about breeding dogs for a specific purpose, Miss Perky lady?

57:45  This guy, he won't stop. (29)  Very True! We've noticed when they go after one of our subtle dogs, our cats, our horses, grandma, and the kids. AMEN!

1:00:45  There's a lot of hard work it takes making one of these guys bad. (29) Lie

 1:01  I'd rather see the counties and cities require anyone who is going to own a pit bull to be held to a kind of higher standard to own one of these types of dogs and obtain a license.  That's just smart. (28) AMEN!

1:01:19  Even if I had to get some kind of "rare/exotic" license, I'd do that. (5) AMEN!

1:01:33  I think there should be careful screening of who owns this animal...(10) AMEN!

1:01: 42  There's an extra responsibility involved.  AMEN!

1:02  Do your Homework.... AMEN!

And even with training and with socialization and all that good stuff, you are silly to think you can ever trust these guys not to fight. That's the nature of the beast, and if you have a problem with that, you probably shouldn't have 'em. (5)  CAN I HAVE A PERKY AMEN!
  Meet the pit bull advocates in this documentary: 

1. John Booker:  Breeder

He appears to be affiliated with some kind of breed registery

2. Bob Ferber: L.A. Deputy DistrictAttorne
 Meet Bob's pit bull Amy!

3.  Eric Sakach: Humane Society

4. Brandon Fouche:  Dog Rehabilitator

5.  Leri Henson:  Dog Trainer and Dog bite prevention advocate, she has a pit bull named Capone, and she speaks French Beautifully too!

Here is the perky one's web page for her training and breeding service, California K9 Services. 

6. Carl Friedman:  San Francisco Animal Control
 A wonderful interview with this wise man. 

7.  Richard Patterson: Bully T.V. Producer   In his own words, from his my space page...


* he he he 

8: Ray Certified: Pit Bull Breeder of 25 years.
Certified House of Blue Pits, be sure to click on the mission video, it's a hoot!
 I wonder what he means by the words "respect" and "game" on the sleeves of his jacket?

9. Big Dane: "Pimp my Ride" and West Coast Custom 

10. Larry Hill: Dog Trainer (Personal Protection)   Larry Hill's Training Thrills

 Puppy Imprinter

11. Tyrone Myvett:  Protection Dog Decoy and sweet kid

12. Michelle Blackowl: Pit Bull Advocate
 President of the South Bay Pit Bull Club, UKC APBT
Radio Show Host

13. Hermine Stover: Pit bull and tattoo fancier and fashionista extraordinaire!

 Artist & horticulturist

14. Byron Chambliss:  Dog Competition Decoy and Schutzhund Trainer

15. Jake Schaeffer: High School Teacher and owner of Red Jack ADBA, gamebred dog

16. Shawn Mullins: Bully Breeder at Blue Force Kennels

17. Luis Villagomez: Wolfpack Kennels and manufacturing of merchandize for pit bulls  and Hustler (according to myspace) 

He likes to go to events like this.

18. Dude who likes dog aggressive dogs at the Claremont Bully Barbecue...yeah, we can never find that dude after his aggressive dog attacks one of our subtle dogs.

19. Lori Weiss: Founder of Downtown DogRescue and the Pimp you Pit! event!

She has 30 pit bulls!

Downtown Dog Rescue receives a grant
20. Malcolm Lazenby: protection dog trainer from South Central LA Master Canine

21. Jeffery Brian: Karma Dog Trainer and Actor

22. Ciddy Fonteboa:  Animal Rights Activist, founder of The Cruelty Free Latina

I wonder if her pit bulls are also vegan? 

Apparently, this pit bull isn't a vegan...she likes to eat cats and children, but she will make a great pet for the right person!

23. Shiggy Ichinomiya:  Love on 4Paws, and professional photographer

24. Debbie Jury: Pain Management Nurse, Children's Hospital L.A. 

25. Clayton Goo:  Pit Bull Owner

26. Larry Duran:   Super Bully Pit Bull Expo, Pomona  Organizer

RRRRR...he's a Pit Bull Pirate, check out his breeding website!

unhappy campers
27. Chief Aguilar: Set Free Soldiers Pit Bull Ministry

All rise and sing hymn no. 666
28.Roman Vaughn:  Iron Cross Kennels, can't seem to find the website of his kennel

And reality T.V. co-star, 909 (Inland Empire vs. Orange County) dates the daughter of one of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Some nutter tattle
An unhappy camper

29. Steve Lewis: Weight Pull Trainer and breeder of American Bulldogs 
in Rough and Ready,  California.  That town doesn't sound like it is subtle at all!

30. Chuck and Marilyn Braverman:  Producers, film makers and photographers. 
 Marilyn shows Pugs, and "likes" The Stubby Dog Project and Back to the Bullies RadioTake a listen, just love that Dr. Dre!


UKCUnited Kennel ClubThis club registers American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers, as well as American Bull Dogs and Dogo Argentinos, but not the American Bully.

AKCAmerican Kennel Club, they recognize the American Staffordshire Terrier, which is the same thing as an American Pit Bull Terrier. This organization also does not recognize some  manufactured breeds such as the American Bulldog or the American Bully, but they do recognize others such as the Dogo Argentino. 

ADBA: American Dog Breeders Association, This registry  promotes  American Pit Bull Terriers  that display the original working type of pit bull, notably, their gameness.

ABKC:   American Bully Kennel Cluborginizations to register the new pit bull mixes that have been emerging since the mid 2000's.  They strive to breed non- (human) aggressive dogs out of aggressive stock .   

There are other Bully Registry clubs as well.  

  • American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC)
  • United Bully Kennel Club (UBKC)
  • Bully Breed Kennel Club (BBKC)
  • United Canine Association (UCA)
  • OREBA Registry Kennel Clubs Inc. (OREBA)

Bully Barbecue:  An event to promote the American Bully and other pit bull types of dogs, and an opportunity for vendors and breeders to sell merchandise, as well as informal dog shows and competitions.  They often support anti-BSL, while ironically receive harsh criticism for the breeding of their exaggerated version of the pit bull by American Pit Bull Terrier breeders and enthusiasts.  
French Ring Sport: a sport that promotes personal protection training for dogs, similar to 

Shutzhund: (German for protection dog)  a dog sport  that was developed in Germany  in the early 1900s as a breed suitability test for German Shepherd Dogs.  Today, other breeds compete.  
Playing the Race card:  a ploy to get empathy, scare haters into silence, but a horrible bastardization of the concept and a the worse abuse of anthropomorphism for the sake of rhetoric. 

hater:  a person who has had, witnessed, or experienced  a bloodletting ceremony performed on them or a loved one,  human or non human,   by a pit bull, and has the opinion that pit bulls are more risky and dangerous and say the same exact things as the above pit bull advocates did the last three minutes of this documentary....that these dogs require experts, should have licenses, insurance,  and minimum standards of containment to own.  


Subtle dog:  a non-pit bull or a normal dog. This term coined by Richard Patterson of Bully T.V.

Friday, December 7, 2012

They return at evening, snarling like dogs: Sunday School Scriptures for the Pit Bull enthusiast--Psalm 59:6

Let us entertain one of the memes presented to us ad nauseum by the pit bull advocacy....IT'S ALL HOW YOU RAISE 'EM.  If one is  passionate about a particular breed of dog, It should be worrisome that the breed of choice ends up in very incapable, cruel, and sinister hands.  They end up as fashion accessories, a way to feel machismo and intimidating.
 It gives a sense empowerment and a great big FU to the status quo, and sends the gentry crossing the other side of the street when they see a thug being pulled by a pit bull on a really big chain and donning a collar with lots of studs or spikes.  It seems to be the mascot of thuggery of all colors, promoted in Hip Hop and Rap Videos. Pit Bull advocates would rather blame the sensational media coverage and the victims of the attacks themselves, but the truth of the matter is...this is the breed of choice for criminals, anti-socials, gang-bangers and thugs.  What the advocacy won't admit, is the squeaky clean vegan rescue angel with a college degree is as apt to have a pit bull that attacks as is a crack cocaine dealer from Compton.  Could it be that the dog the vegan rescue angel has or peddles off in some adoption event was bred by that crack cocaine dealer from Compton?  I digress.

Hip Hop Artist DMX is an apparent enthusiast of pit bulls, but he was also arrested for animal abuse.

And here is a dog that can be used as a weapon, there is no markmanship skill needed to learn or troublesome permit to obtain, and knives require close combat.  A pit bull can become a weapon with a simple command of "sick 'em" leading  to a terrifying hypovolemia, ripped tissue and crushed bones.  For a sociopath, it must be more satisfying than a quick death by gun shot, a prolonged fight with a gripping dog. After all, it's this kind of brutal display these dogs were bred for, to entertain sociopaths.  In any case, the advocacy hates it when you think of them in the same light as a goodly many of the low-crotch set, they will insist they are educated and moral.

You would think the advocacy would want to do something with the blatant mistreatment and neglect of these dogs.  Drive around in a blighted neighborhood, and you will see dogs barely kept in fences that would fall over in the slightest breeze, woefully inadequate.  You see the poor dog tied up in a big dust and dung heap, the lucky have a dirty inch of water in its bowl.  You see some confused milk-laden bitch wandering the streets: she's done her duty, made a couple of hundred bucks for her owners, and now she is dumped in an empty lot like trash.  Then there are the hoards of puppies, doomed to end up at animal control, where they may actually get the best treatment they have ever experienced before they are  euthanized and rendered into fertilizer.

Oh, and then there are the abuse cases.  Horrible and cruel, atrocities, we read of them too often.  It's odd, safety advocates who push for BSL or regulation, or pit bull victims, you know, the haters, they are blamed for the cruelty.  All of this was done by pit bull owners, not "haters".  All that I know, if it was a Beagle, I would want to do something.  Beagles have their own stories of cruelty, we must thank them for the sacrifice they make to medicine.  Although they score lower on the ATTS test, for some odd reason, they are the choice of medical laboratories.  You would think pit bulls, with their superior temperament and the fact that they are more impervious to pain, would make them superior laboratory specimens.  And they have quite the supply of them at animal control thanks to these back yard breeders.   I digress again.  I have ADD.

Speaking of Labs!

And then of course, there is the fighting.  This is what this type of dog was bred to do.  Sometimes, these dogs get out, and they maul.  These are the dogs that end up in the shelter, and are  "rehabilitated", adopted and peddled by those sensitive squeaky clean vegan rescue angels with a college degree, some of them even being vet techs.  You just never know which ones are going to maul.  Oh, so sorry, I forgot...this time, just this once,  it's all how you raise 'em.  Good luck with that and build a really nice fence.  Thanks.

Regulate these dogs, save them from this plight. That's your job as their stewards, Pit bull advocates, not mine. You clearly need to concern yourself more with how they are being raised, and by whomSic 'em!

This is a great documentary, a must see from the BBC, 
My Weapon is a Dog.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

DOGMAN VERSION of Psalm 23: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit bull Enthusiasts

Learn about BREAK STICKS!

1 The LORD is my breakstick, I shall not be in want.
2 He lets me pry open a dead pit bull's jaws,
he leads me beside dirty rape stands,
3 he restores my soul, after each bloody dog fight.
He alerts me to the sight of a cur
to protect my holy name sake.
4 Even though I walk
through pits filled with dog entrails, [a]
I will fear no evil,
for you, my breakstick, are with me;
your rod and your staff,
which allow me to justify torturous killing...

Thank you Craven Desire's for your permission to repost this wonderful creation submitted by an anonymous talent.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Wicked is snared in the work of his own making: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Advocates -- Psalm 9:15-16

I do not know what to make of  the dare devils of the world....and who knows why they do what they do.  Fatal Attractions, thrill seekers, those who dwell in an underground, illegal anti-social world.  I don't get you.  I do know, I would be quite fine with you alone being submitted to the Pandora's box of your own creation, by breeding a putrefication of "Man's Best Friend", as repugnant and cruel as it is, if it were only you who were burned by the fires you ignited. There is pity for these poor beasts, but then again,  they seem to enjoy the battle, and that years of selective breeding have given them an armor to be shielded and  perhaps even inspired by pain.   This is the strain of dog most likely to kill its own master.  

I also don't get those with a reverence for this creation.  You are like those who collect the paintings of John Wayne Gacy, and buy recordings of Charles Manson.  Instead of harmless kitsch you have a living and breathing creation, that often gets out.  I'll bet you are more worried about biotech corn, and you don't get that these are both man made genetic creations.  How many times have you heard that it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature? When you do, it's a pit of your own making.

Alas,  the evils of the world are regular Houdinis....14 times more likely to escape its enclosure.  Then the evils of the world descend on flocks of sheep, a passing widow and her poodle,  a child coming home from school.  Keepers of the pits, I have a real problem with this, and I have a real problem with you endangering your own family and children, and any unsuspecting person who ever ends up in your liar.

And even worse, the pit bull advocacy, these are the people who breed the dogs you "rehabilitate" and "redistribute". I have even more of a problem with your sordid practice.   You are sanctimonious in your recycling, but you are peddlers of toxic trash. 

   These are the people whom  you claim "culled the man biters", and whom you write with almost romantic rapture, accounts  of how the babies rode home bundled in the carnage of injured dogs on trams. I don't understand how you would even admit this, and that you say it with some kind of pride, as if there is anything remotely noble about this scenario.  What does this mean?  The dogmen  thank you for all of your hard work fighting for Breed Specific Legislation and getting rid of their culls and curs.  The rest of us note: you so called advocates and the pit masters have turned our neighborhoods into the pits.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For dogs have surrounded me: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Enthusiasts--Psalm 22:16

Once upon a time I knew nothing of pit bulls.  I suspect, most people are like that, they don't know, and they don't care.  I'm sure, even after reading media reports of a mauling, or seeing coverage of a death, most people may be curious, but don't come up with judgements about a breed of dog.    Once upon a time I myself may have looked upon on them as the kind of calamities that happen by chance and of which we have no tornadoes, and cougars that somehow end up in city limits and attack, and semis that loose their breaks on mountain passes, or somebody goes off the deep end at a basketball game and beats someone within an inch of their life.  Unless it happens to you or someone you love, then it's just the sad chance game with the fates. 

Then there are acts of violence and needless death and injury that happen to a family member, and in their memory, someone takes up a torch in effort that such a senseless happening never happen again, or is at least reduced, or that greater consequences are given to those who are reckless with precious, sacred life.  I'm called to mind the creation of MADD by an outraged Candice Lightner, after her 13 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver.  I'm reminded of Judy Shepard who started a foundation to help combat hate crimes against gay, lesbian, and transgendered people, and  in the memory of her slain son Mathew.   She continues to fight for legislation for hate crimes and human rights.

Then, once upon a time, a woman who was jogging down a street was savagely attacked by a pit bull.  She may not known a great deal about pit bulls at the time, but she certainly received a first hand kind of education that nobody really wants. Painful, life changing.  She found she was not the first, and that something should be done about spreading the awareness about the dangers, about needing new laws to protect the best interest of the public, about advocating for victim's rights.  She found that these are not rare happenings.   These attacks may not always be fatal, and they happen nearly every day. 

I'm sure Candice Lighter and Judy Shepard had their share of critics, had their personal lives torn upside down. Today, there are critics of MADD's "19th century" views on alcoholic consumption, and Judy Shepard met with opposition from the Westboro Baptist Church.  But neither of these founders have had their personal lives raked over the coals like the woman who created

Type into a search engine, and you are likely to find many blogs and social media organizations dedicated to discrediting the site itself, the cause of BSL, and go on to muse about the founder's personal life and whether or not she was ever attacked at all.  The "dogs" will surround her and bark: this person is not an expert in dog genetics or behavior, how DARE she.   They will maul to death moot points in her testimony...did she break her arm as a result of the dog's attack , or did her arm break because she fell?   Well, Candice Lighter was not an expert in alcohol, cars, roads, and the multitudes of issues about drunk driving.  Judy Shepard, not an expert on laws. These woman were expert in the human condition, that's what counts. There are plenty of other people who are voicing their opinions about these dogs being dangerous, and none of them are experts in dog genetics or behavior:  Surgeons, the insurance industry, and City Hall.  We know, one photograph like the one above must speak more volumes than the thousands of photos of children using Pibble for a pillow and personal accounts of how wonderful they are....and it's all how you raise 'em!  Those of us who dared to share our story are bullied and threatened. How they hate those photos and the testimony of yet one more pit bull attack.   There are petitions to shut down. This, by people who fight for the right to own whatever breed of dog they wish,  they would like to shut down the freedom of speech.  She bears the bullying and parodies with grace.   

If there were as much effort in self scrutiny of their own advocacy....are the mantras and memes working to reduce the  attacks from pit bulls?   

Leashes.  Better Fences.  Liability insurance.  Tougher punitive consequences for those who fail.  Prevention.  Stop promoting these dogs as family pets and stop  putting them in situations where they fail. Ensure that only capable experts own these dogs.  There will come a day, when a critical number is reached that equals ENOUGH.  BANS and BSL.  Your choice.

HEY PIT BULL ADVOCATES...there would be no need for if you would do your job and tell the truth about these dogs.  Very likely, people like me and that nice lady who founded  wouldn't care very much about pit bulls, because we never heard of another attack, because an attack didn't happen in our lives or touch the lives of anyone we knew personally. They wouldn't think of these dogs... if at I did.....once upon a time.

Thanks Colleen Lynn for all you do.