Thursday, July 30, 2015

Damn to the Good Samaritain

The owner of the unlicensed pit bull that had recently whelped a litter of puppies, grieves in his idyllic suburban garden.    He is outraged at the gross negligence of the police who responded to a plea to help a seventy-two year old woman who was being dragged by the dog.  The police shot the dog when it turned on one of them.  The owner plans to press charges.
"Those officers committed a serious crime here.  They deserve to be punished."

It seems these days, the intentions of helping in the line of duty can bite peace officers in the behind.  

B.S.L. advocates don't want to regulate the kind of people who can own pit bulls.  This is their collateral damage....there's a litter of puppies and plenty more where that came from, in plenty more idyllic suburban gardens like this one.  The cycle continues ad nauseam.