Sunday, December 28, 2014

Star Gazing

 This is the time of year when many of us are inclined to gaze upward at the stars.  Those little points of light, so far away, that glimmer in the vast dark sky, arouse a sense of wonder and humility.

 Astronomers tell us that those celestial masses of flame are made of exactly the same stuff as are we. Cool!  This time of the year, we join in carols about them, surrounded by glittering images perched on top of conifer trees, or stand above a filigree Star of David on Hanukkah menorah, lighting candles.  I am as moved by stars and those kind of metaphysical thoughts, as I am by this strange chance convergence of names and events.

If you gaze upwards looking for the brightest star in the sky,  you should be drawn to the one known as "the Dog Star". 
This star is found in the constellation known as Canis Major, which in Greek Mythology, represented the bitch Laelaps, a gift from Zeus to Europa.  She is the alpha bitch in Orion's hunting pack, used in pursuing Taurus the Bull.   Although described as a hound, I imagine her to be the same kind of infamous dogs that gave the Canary Islands their name, the kind that could bring a bull to their knees.

The hound was passed down to King Minos.  Procris's husband, Cephalus, decided to use the dog to hunt the Teumessian fox, a fox that would always elude capture. This presents a paradox: a dog who always caught her prey and a fox that could never be caught. The chase went on until Zeus, perplexed by their contradictory fates, turned both to stone and cast them into the stars as the constellations Canis Major (Laelaps) and Canis Minor (the Teumessian fox).

This myth is used to illustrate the concept of the irresistible force paradox, the classic paradox that forms when we ask, "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable force"? 
It reminds me of the perpetual debate that ensues between the defenders of gripping dogs who are outraged when the media reports yet another attack, and the people who are concerned about the leading canine menace to public safety.  Out come the hoards when a member of the media or celebrity makes some kind of off hand comment about pit bulls.  They insist the horrible reputation of pit bulls is the media's fault, for merely reporting on what a pit bull has just done, again.  Then there is the need for more advocacy and education and promotion of pit bulls as family pets, which inevitably ends up creating another incident which the media reports, again.  The chase has resumed, but here on terra firma.

And now, a radio personality has made some casual comments, at the periphery of a point she was making, and the tribe is determined to tear down this bright star from the sky.  Ironically, the very name of the radio station, Sirius, is another name for this very star.  I notice these things, being a long-time nerd.

I remember reading an explanation on the nature of observance, that most of the time, we are like dogs who gaze at the finger instead of to the dish to which it points.  I'm pointing my finger to a star. 

glowing bomb of zealotry  detonated after  statements were made by Dr. Laura Schlessinger on her radio program. "Now I know this is going to get somebody angry," she predicted in her understatement of the year, "but I think they should all be put down." She said more, and the rest of of it was wise, compassionate, truthful and responsible!   Just like the dogs they advocate for, the pit bull zealots went pit bull on Dr. Laura.  They are not letting go.

It was quickly sent around the known universe, being re-posted thousands of time on twitter and facebook.  The  Huffington Post  served her up on a plate of typical of their  pro-pit bull, feel good fare, followed by a requisite desert course gallery of cute "Nanny Dogs" posing with cute babies, not one mention of 35 dead people,  not even that unfortunate Pit-mas day bone fiasco.  Take that, Dr. Laura.    A satire news site got into the feeding frenzy by offering up some spoof news, and the zealots still went as rabid as a certain leader of North Korea did about a recent satirical movie.  I must say, while the tribe of the fighting dog has at least convinced some sponsors to drop Dr. Laura,  Sony went ahead and released that movie, threats of retaliation be damned  (or was it all a publicity stunt, caching)!  There are petitions going, even after Dr. Laura apologized for her statements.   Consider, pit bulls that maul and kill are forgiven.  In truth, Dr. Laura has been forgiven for worse, and more than once.  The Lexus project isn't going to help poor Dr. Laura, she must not have up to this point read comments on media reports about pit bulls.  Well, she's likely aware now. 

Currently, it seems there is nothing more politically incorrect than suggesting that pit bulls don't make good family pets, and tax funded shelters should not be adopting these unpredictable dogs into the communities they are paid by tax payers to protect, and that it would be in their best interest of shelter pit bulls to be humanely put to sleep.  

While I'm conflicted about Dr. Laura's entire oeuvre, I have to admit, she shoots straight and doesn't mince words.  She has a huge following, a long career in radio and writing popular self help books.  She is also admirably charitable.  Did the advocates miss that she was discussing her own charity work as she described her observations about the suffering of 95 percent of the dogs in the shelter, the over breeding, how they end up being euthanized because nobody wants them? They are looking at her finger, not to the the star to which she points.

Maybe there is a gleaning of understanding the battle of wits between us and them.   Playing out on our own little spinning green island, there are dogs that express their inbred nature, put into situations where they fail by the people who claim to love them,  and the more love there is, often expressed in rather vulgar and violent terms, the more advocacy is needed.  Instead, constellations of blood line these scenes. What kind of paradox is this?  

Despite her apology for hurting their feelings, this crowd will not be content until they rip her star from the sky.   These kind people who advocate for these poor misunderstood dogs, wish the demise of her job, and of her life, in the most vulgar and violent manner.   The powers that be, the rest of us, fence sitters, people who may think casually why-are-there-so-many-pit-bulls-in-the-shelter-I-don't- want-one, and the journalists and reporters,  don't appear to be moved by the rhetoric of the pit bull zealots who she offended.   No curiosity about the 35 people dead this year, not one thought about the thousands who are missing a cheek or a beloved pet.  Let's post some more of those cute photos of children and pit bulls and quote some pit bull advocate who has weaseled their way into some kind of animal control position say "It's all how you raise 'em" and call it journalism.  Again.  I'm wondering if they are even curious about the mindset of these earth bound creatures who advocate for the reputation of fighting breed dogs.   No rocket, no telescope required.  

It must be easier to go star gazing.

Warning:  vulgar language

Kenny Kangas She is such a cunt, I hope she gets mauled to death by Chihuahuas...
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Sheila Smith Sasser Put Dr. Laura to death.
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  • Jack Roberts Put a ball gag in her mouth and make her watch Rachel Maddow until she shorts out....
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  • Joe Nelson not funny,jackoff.
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  • William Rothwell Sapp Just let the dog do it.
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  • Eric R Tomlin This is why I could care less when the Media gets its Head cut off in Foreign countries ...They are all the same ....
  • Andrew It MUST be brutally and excruciating and long..hmmm first let's pull her eye balls out with forks, then we can put skewers that have been in a 500 degree oven for an hour up her vagina and anus..then we can cut off her nipples with a hot knife then with a butcher knife slowly carve off her hair, then we can cut off each finger and toe one by one .....then let her sit in a vat of alcohol..i'll take a break any one wanna chime in..LOL (get the skewers ready..let's just do this to all evangelical christian pieces of $hit...we are coming for you Pat!)
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Staci Flinchum Hey Dr Laura! This is me with my Mimi. Do I look vicious & mean? I'm not. But my Mommi sure as hell is if you want to put me down! Don't be scared of pit bulls be scared of the humans that love them!!!!

Staci Flinchum's photo.

Dear Staci, indeed!