Friday, November 23, 2012

The Dogs would come and lick his sores: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Enthusiasts--Luke 16:21

All of you who find it ironic that Mr. Alpha, Leader of the Pack comes out that he tried to commit suicide, can we have an "AMEN"!!!!

"Daddy was my Tibet, my Himalaya, my Gouda, my Buddha, my source of calmness," Millan told the Associated Press.

The Parable of Lazarus brought to mind the mighty Dog Whisperer, all 5'2 of him. I find much about him to be admired, his rising of status from one who was "begging for crumbs from the rich man's table", a poor illegal immigrant who spoke no English, to become a man of considerable wealth and influence. 

It is said that Millan's most important tool in both his success with dogs and business has sometimes been attributed to a personal sense of balance, what The New York Times called "a sort of ├╝ber-balanced mien".  Now how many people commit suicide over the death of a dog who dies of NATURAL CAUSES at age 16? It's lucky he didn't see Daddy or one of his children ripped to shreds by another pit bull. We on the other side, who think pit bulls shouldn't be promoted as family pets because we have seen them on action on a being we love, don't think he would have survived what we saw....yet we are told time and again that we are "just supposed to get over it". 

Sigh....I'm sure the public will only love him more, suicide, sensitive new age men, and pit bulls must be a very lucrative combination.  Nick Santino, any one?  Perhaps Mr. Milan would like Sainthood status?   I'm sure like the other Lazarus,  el Perrero will raise from the grips of this spiritual tomb.  We would just like to remind him, that when you promote a specific breed of dog that puts more people and animals in a real tomb, there will be no resurrection for them. 

I also am rather suspect, of pit bulls meaning something more akin to Samson's hair, call it mojo,  to Mr. Milan.  I'm sure they do more for this man than to lick his wounds. He also cites another source of his great angst to be the divorce of his wife, Illusion.  Maybe after 16 years, this woman would tire of of giving  "affection before discipline".  We wonder if the "calm and assertive" divorce papers came to a surprise to must have been a great big SHHHHH, dominance grab around his ego.   Perhaps she didn't like a dog collar being named after her.

Hail to the guru pit bull, may he rest in peace.  There was even vigil for him, but alas, I can not find any photographs or video footage.   Hail to the pit bull guru, and may the incarnate of "Alpha, Leader of the Pack" be released from his torments. 

Dip your finger in the water come and cool my tongue, 'cause I'm tormented by the flame.

It's time for Cesar Milan to whisper the truth!


  1. It is very easy to fake a suicide attempt with a pill overdose in order to gain attention or whatever. With many sedatives, there is a relatively large window between a knock out dose and one that is fatal. This dosing information is readily available.

  2. i didn't get too carried with comments on that cesar article cuz i figured they would delete them. so i will put them here.

    "Finally, after threats of fines and constant pressure from neighbors and management, Nick had Rocco put to sleep."

    FINALLY, after threats of violence in the elevators and hallways, the condo residents can live in peace.

    "A veterinarian had told Nick that Rocco had become somewhat more aggressive, though no incidents had been reported."

    how many fucking times have we heard the nutters say that there were ALWAYS early warning signs before their dumptruck ugly mutant gripping dogs killed someone?!

    no BITE incidents were reported. OBVIOUSLY aggressive incidents were reported or the fucker wouldn't have been FINED!

    and did you notice how cesar's ghost writer injected the word SOMEWHAT before aggressive. that's not the way i remember it. i QUOTED the article when i blogged it. SANTINO'S own vet reported that ROCCO was becoming "increasingly more aggressive".

    "It’s impossible to pin the tragedy on any one thing, but it’s hard to ignore the pressure the condo board put on Nick Santino building that pushed him into making a terrible decision—when his dog had been guilty of nothing except being a pit bull.

    everyone has pressure you fucking moron. this is just another version of blaming the victims, ie the people who were stuck in the elevator with that ugly dog.

    fuck! i will steal a phrase from DubV: "have i said lately how much i HATE pit nutters?"

    ps meals, you should trademark "dumptruck" :)

  3. An excellent article about Mr. Millan.