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The Whores of Babylon

The world of pitbull enthusiasts and advocates has among its throngs, many colorful characters. In 1977, a beauty queen by the name of Joyce Bernann McKinney became a tabliod queen when her abduction and rape of a young Mormon Missionary, called the "Mormon Sex in Chains case", became somewhat of a media frenzy. She skipped bail, and was caught in the U.S. two years later, not serving any time for her "crime". She was later accused of stalking her victim. In 2011, a documentary film was made of the sensational story!

In 2008, she made the news again when she went to Korea to have her "service" pit bull Booger cloned. She is more afraid of the Mormon Church than she is of pit bulls it seems, and spent quite a large sum to have Booger cloned. Now she has a whole litter of Boogers. Ironically, she's highly critical of the Mormon Church, but has no problems with playing God, brought to you by the possibilities of Modern Science, whether it's ethical to go there or not....,2933,397923,00.html

In this category, TIA MARIA TORREZ deserves mention. Her shady operation once in California has now been cleft in to two parts like a regenerating two headed monster... now she has a donated facility in New Mexico for the "lifers" and her adoption operation been moved to New Orleans. Her criminal husband, her fascination of all things of an antisocial nature, her known contribution to the delinquency of minors, and her own spawn make her worthy of a robe and a crown, she's the queen! She continues to pimp dogs that are "cat and dog" aggressive, in fact most of them are! For about $200.00 plus the expense of travel ($500.00 - $1,000) you too can adopt one! To hell with the cats and those little dogs, or the children, should any of these dogs "somehow" get out!

UPDATE: Little did I know the depth of Tia's depravity, and fascination and connections with all things of a sordid and antisocial nature. She has links to the world's oldest profession. Boyscouts steer clear, she is REAL!

"Villalobos May Open Brothel To Cover Costs

L.A. pit bull rescuer may open brothel to cover costs

Woman toys with idea of running Nevada 'cathouse' to pay for rehab of maligned dog breed

By Dana Bartholomew
Contra Costa Times

A high-desert dog rescuer slated to run a controversial pit bull "academy" for Los Angeles has said she might reopen a *Nevada cathouse to fund her fledgling doghouse.
Tia Torres of Agua Dulce told a Nevada newspaper of plans to restore her defunct bordello property, which burned last week, into a "Garden of Eden-type" brothel.

The owner of Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue says she was joking, but she could easily become the brothel's next madam if money isn't forthcoming.

"If things don't happen soon, I may have to open up a cathouse to take care of my doghouse," said Torres, 47, whose comments had L.A. talk shows buzzing this week.

"Right now, I have a burnt-down piece of desert, so I don't think anything will happen to it in my lifetime."

Torres was supposed to open her first-of-its-kind academy to rehabilitate shelter pit bulls with the help of ex-convicts Aug. 4 at the South Los Angeles shelter.

But the City Council, worried about logistics and potential liability, has tabled the plan for more discussion.

They also questioned whether Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks had performed an end run around the council and civil service rules by hiring eight workers affiliated with Villalobos at a cost of $129,000 for six months.

Boks insisted he "did everything by the book" in developing the pit bull academy.

The former minister, who once drew fire by associating L.A. shelters with a "Hooters for Neuters" bikini contest, also said he was shocked at news that his pit-bull trainer planned to open a brothel in Nevada.

"I find it very difficult to believe," Boks said. "She bought the property that used to be a brothel and was going to transform it into an animal sanctuary."

If she were to become a madam in Nevada, he added, "I'll cross that bridge when it comes."

On Aug. 1, a weekly newspaper based in Fallon, Nev., reported that Torres, owner of the 10-acre bordello property destroyed last week by a mysterious fire, planned to reopen it as a brothel by the end of the year.

The former Salt Wells Villa, 75 miles east of Reno, was for decades a red-light stop for Top Gun airmen and local lawmen.

Thirty years ago, the brothel also lit up when the wife of a local sheriff, upset by her husband's periodic visits, tossed Molotov cocktails at its front door.

When Salt Wells Villa closed three years ago amid financial troubles and permit violations, its 75-year-old madam officially retired.

According to the Lahontan Valley News and Fallon Eagle Standard, Torres bought the property late last year after deciding that a brothel would support her California animal rescue.

She also planned to create a "mini-paradise" with tropical birds and exotic cats.

"Sex sells," the paper quoted Torres as saying. "It's the only industry that never fails in the economy. That's when I got the idea to start a brothel and generate money for my nonprofit."

Marlene Garcia, who wrote the story that became the heated subject of a popular radio show, said Torres was serious.

"She didn't seem like she was kidding to me," she said. "We talked for quite some time."

Torres first opened her heart and home to pit bulls in 1993 after rescuing a shelter dog found at the site of a double murder in Lancaster.

Her Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue is now the largest in the nation, with 200 pit bulls, most of them trained for good homes, therapy animals and Hollywood films.

Her "Pets in the Hood" program employs docile pit bulls to teach compassion and husbandry to children in juvenile hall at Sylmar.

And her practice of working with ex-cons not only helps rehabilitate pit bulls, but also parolees. Of the 20 who have come through Villalobos, none has gone back to prison, she said.

For the past nine years, she said, she has trained pit bulls for adoption at Los Angeles shelters. Pit bulls and pit-bull mixes comprise 25 percent of shelter dogs and 41 percent of all dogs euthanized.

Torres' rescue, however, ran into financial trouble after donations slowed to a trickle after Hurricane Katrina.

She said she never planned to open a brothel in Nevada but instead hoped to open a sanctuary for abused tigers and other exotic pets common to the state.

She said she had only kidded the Nevada paper -- tongue in cheek -- about reopening the Salt Wells Villa.

"I had wanted to make it a Garden of Eden in the desert, a tropical paradise," she said. "A cathouse for my cathouse."

But with all the controversy from critics screaming about the value of making over pit bulls and felons, she said the brothel idea looks better and better.

"It is a double stigma," said Torres, who is married to an ex-convict who did 14 years in prison for attempted murder. "I've got underdogs of both worlds; that's what this is all about.

"You may see Madam Tia next year. This is not the Boy Scouts of America or the Lassie Come Home Rescue.

"This is real."

Read more:

* Her real life "Garden of Eden" in Nevada was burned down. I think there should be an insurance fraud investigation....

The California woman who owns Salt Wells Villa said Tuesday she is saddened by a fire that destroyed the property she hoped to reopen as a brothel before the end of the year.

Tia Maria Torres said she wants to "create a mini paradise" on the Salt Wells property 15 miles east of Fallon.

"I hope to have small exotic cats and tropical birds. It will be very relaxing and very simplistic," Torres said about her plans to rebuild a brothel in Churchill County.

She purchased the property late last year after deciding that owning and operating a brothel would earn income to support her non-profit animal rescue foundation in Southern California.

Torres had already approached county officials to learn the necessary steps to re-open Salt Wells, which closed down in 2004 amid financial troubles and code violations.

"I want to continue on with its legacy but create a different flair," the Agua Dulce, Calif., woman said. "I'm a small-town girl and I want to create a Garden of Eden-type atmosphere."

Torres was notified of the Sunday morning fire that completely destroyed buildings which housed the bar, living quarters and rooms where the prostitutes took customers.

"Now I know how people feel when they come home and find their house has been robbed," she said about the news of the fire. "I feel so violated. It feels horrible. I'm devastated but am more devastated for the local people."

Torres, 47, said now that the buildings have been reduced to charred rubble, she doesn't know if that will make it easier or harder to gain county approval to open a brothel.

"I'm at their mercy," she said.

Agua Dulce is smaller than Fallon, Torres said, and she fell in love with Churchill County on previous visits.

"I love all the ranches. Nevada has always been the other state I wanted to live in. I'm a free-spirited person and Nevada is a free-spirited state," said Torres.

She decided to get into the brothel business after seeing friends in the adult entertainment business continue to prosper despite national economic setbacks.

"Sex sells. It's the only industry that never fails in the economy. That's when I got the idea to start a brothel and generate money for my non-profit," she said.

She plans to survey the damage next week.

"I'll come out and sit on the dirt and cry," Torres said.
Salt Wells owner devastated by fire

Bells on fingers,
Pits at her toes,
Devastation and fire
Follow where 'er she goes.

How L.A. County got rid of Tia Torrez.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Martyrs of the Cause

The pit bull advocacy is so much like a religion, it even has it's own cast of "Holy Martyrs" for the cause. Just to own a pit bull takes a real leap of faith. Just take a look at the definition of Martyr....A martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, "witness"; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-) is somebody who suffers PERSECUTION and DEATH for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious. Consider the archetype of the Martyrs, HEROS who commit themselves to the cause, who face OPPOSITION (those who value public safety, called "haters" or "pitlers" by the pit bull and despite the RISK, shows COURAGE by ignoring the risks. They are KILLED by the opposition (or in this case, by the pit bull), and then the death is COMMEMORATED or CELEBRATED (in the pit bulls case, by a candlelight vigil or by the cause.)

Darla Napora, is the epitome of this kind of martyr. The irony that she was an avid supporter of a pitbull advocacy known as BADRAP, and killed along with the fruit of her womb, by her own dog, Gunner. Pit bull advocates started rumors that her husband Greg had actually killed her, along with the myth that she must have fallen from a ladder, and the dog must have gotten carried away by trying to "wake her up". In the end, absolved of his guilt by a priest, Greg decided that Darla and the cremated remains of her murderer would join the holy union of eternal rest. Lux Aeterna, Mater de Canis de Cavus.

Speaking of Saints, the pit bull community grabbed the suicide of a struggling actor named Nick Santino, to promote "awareness" of the harassment of pit bull owners. Nick's dog Rocco was allowed to live in a N.Y.C. apartment building, even grandfathered in, but apparently Nick didn't think of moving to another apartment building, giving the dog up, and resorted to euthanize the dog. According to some reports, the dog had recently begun to show signs of aggression, maybe the reason that management of the apartment building banned him from using the elevator. Who wants to ride in an elevator with an aggressive pit bull! Overcome with grief, Nick overdosed on pills and left a note stating,

“Today I betrayed my best friend. Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this.”

For the pit bull advocacy, Nick's suicide inspired candle light vigils and was used to promote an anti-BSL agenda. Saint Nick and Rocco were both cremated and their ashes shall be unified for eternity. Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

For Nick’s Dog Rocco

Then there's poor Lennox, an American Bulldog/Labrador cross, who was seized by the Belfast City Council and a judge declared that he be euthanized because the dog looked like a pit bull (they are absolutely right to do this, American Bulldogs ARE pit bull types of dogs, banned in Ireland.). The dog's owners chose to ignore the law, and have made their dog the poster child of international BSL. Lennox has a perpetual vigil on Facebook in his honor, likely many thousands of dollars have been raised for his cause, but not a penny contributed to pit bull victims. Lennox's life seems to have been preordained, a destiny, if you will. In truth, this dog was the innocent, but the city council was demonized for upholding their policy instead of the owners of the dog, who ignored the law. In my town, you can't keep a goat within city limits. I haven't heard of a goat mauling in quite a while. Ironic, when you consider that Satan himself is often portrayed as a goat. Kýrie, eléison

Candelight vigils for Pit Bulls

Candlelight Vigil For Wildside Dogs
Candlelight vigil for NC pit bull dogs (Wilkes County, NC) that were killed or died after being held as evidence to bust the convicted dog fighter, Ed Faron...over 127 pit bull dogs were killed ...Where is this event: ...Raleigh, NC (hopefully Capitol steps)....Wednesday, March 4 2009 at 7:00pm...candles, banners and dog collars (one for each dog that was killed or died) to represent the Wildside kennel dogs that are now dead. A bell or chime will sound and a collar will be placed in a pile until all of the dead dogs are represented...BSL and Animal welfare laws MUST be changed! Pit Bull Dog owners, we are asking for your support by attending this event.

Read more:

Man Committed Suicide Because Danish Authorities Euthanized His Dog

Sunday, February 12, 2012


P is for PITBULL, public nuisance number one,
I is for IDIOT owners who must think carnage is fun,
T is for their inbred power grip and TENACITY
B is for the BLOOD that is shed too frequently
L is for the hope of preventative LAWS to pass someday...
L is for a vulgar LYING pit bull advocacy,
S is for we must SOMEHOW STOP all this insanity!