Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prayers for Pit Bulls

 Pit Bulls inspire prayer.  I know, when I see one, I pray to the Lord God Jehovah to protect me, but just in case, there's pepper spray and a knife.

On the other side, pit bull enthusiasts are praying that we don't judge their dogs, and that we would be nice and open our hearts.  They don't get the fact, that we are tired of their dogs opening hearts in the way of opening veins for extreme blood lettings. 

Courage, Love, and Try....is that what it's called?

This one inspired a spoof!

There are no prayers offered to inspire pit bull owners everywhere to be responsible, to build better fences, to keep them away from children, to not run away when their dog mauls.

There are no prayers for the pit bull advocacy to stop lying.
If pit bull enthusiasts were really truthful, their prayers would go more like this:

"Dear God, save my pit from city Hall!
I can only love dogs with a talent to maul!
My tattoos aren't enough to shout to the World to FU!
'Though I got me a record, I need a pit  too.
I ain't got no insurance, and the fence ain't what it aught,
I just pray should my dog go all pit,
that I won't ever be caught!

Luna the Praying Pit bull.  She's kind of a dud, but at least at this point, she's praying and not preying.
Protect me from my pit bull, or I don't like my freckles and I have issues 'bout that.......


One last prayer.
Thank you Father - Mother God

For setting my spirit free

Now my eyes are closed

But one day I will see
My earthly Mother nourishes usWith food and with love

We know we are blessed

By a graceful God above
I love my brothers and my sisters

We are a happy pack

We hope we get a happy home

As we know we won't be back
We pray for one who will love usAs we have so much love to give
We hope some of us will stay togetherAnd all will stay in touch

The peace we feel from our Mother

We love so very much
Then one by one we're taken

Away from the pack

Now my time has come

And there's no looking back
I must be brave and happyCause that's what I want to be

Hopeful that where I'm going

There's another family
This is the day I was waiting forWhen I was set free from God

But now I'm tied up all alone

In some place called a yard
I miss my Mom and hunger

For her love and for her food

But I must go on without her

Just sit here and be good
Then one day I'm takenTo meet some other dogs
Tho' they're all Pit Bulls

They're not from my pack

I wanted to be friends

But they just wanted to attack
They were Bully dogs

Bred to fight

And fighting's what they do

I couldn't let them feel my fright

Now I'm a Bully too
You took me to that wild packFor the sake of some sick thrill

I pray to God I won't go back

To the dogs you want me to kill

If you would look into my eyes
You would see yourself in me

But you can't hear my silent cries

Of longing to be free
Still I will love and protect you

No matter what you do
The time has come to fight againAnd I must go into the ring
My heart is pounding like a drumI pray this fight will end
When you look into my eyesYou will see I'm the same as you

For until my Angel hears my cries

I'm a Bully too.

 God Created E-Coli and fleas too.