Monday, November 19, 2012

As a Dog Returns To His Vomit, So a Fool Repeats His Foolishness: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Enthusiasts--Proverbs 28:11

The pit bull advocacy, with all the millions donated to "repair" the image of these dogs, does nothing to prevent more attacks. They donate NILL to victims and call them "HATERS", if they dare to speak out about their experience.  The pit bulls do not care about their image, in this sense, they are just like any other dogs.  Dogs that maim and kill as often as pit bulls do, deserve a little respect, and not silly little phrases that work as an emetic to those in the know.   So these phrases are oft repeated, and the body count is mounting.....isn't it called INSANITY when we do the same thing, expecting different results?  And so the pit bull advocacy continues repeating their foolishness. Here are their most popular myths:


  1. They need to add
    THREATEN people who disagree

    Mock, blame, and intimidate victims.

  2. People donate millions, and all the brilliant minds of the pit bull advocacy can cook up are a bunch of worthless memes, all of them bloody lies.

  3. I wouldn't underestimate our adversaries by calling their meme worthless. They are worthless in the sense that they are false and/or purposefully misleading, but they are very effective at being transmitted from one person to another. I think this is because they are compact statement that seem credible to the credulous but require a greater deal of text and more subtle reasoning to dispel them. Even non-pit bull advocates will enter a discussion by stating "well I did some research and I read that pit bulls score higher on the ATTS than most other breeds" or some other meme propagation.

    Our side is not propagating our own counter-memes as effectively because it is not our style usually (we think that people should just hear the truth and not be manipulated) and we do not have the echo chamber effect. I usually link to one of the blog posts that effectively discount the meme, but the length required to effectively and totally dispel it means that most will not read or absorb the full argument and the nutters can discount them as a bunch of high-minded goobly gook that those with supposed "common sense" can discount as an act of anti-intellectual laziness.

    I should perhaps work on bullet point summary statements of the various truth blogs that discount the memes and then link to the original. Perhaps this will be another arrow in the quiver.

  4. Well said! Perhaps, we need to be creating clever counter memes of our own....

    D.N.A. can not be loved or trained away.

  5. Pit bulls kill twice as many people as all other breeds and types of dogs combined.

    Pit bulls kill their owners eight times as often as any other dog.

  6. Sadly, some of those included being the owners are children.

    1. i don't really consider the kids as owners. they didn't make the decision to bring a pit bull into the home.