Monday, March 14, 2016

Those Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned

This seems like a dark exercise, to create a list of  names of

dogs that killed humans.  The intent is certainly not to stir up

unpleasant memories for those who mourn, but rather, stir

up any molecule of reason for those who really think THEY

are different, because THEY love their pit bulls. 
 Most of

these dogs were loved, treated like family.   Most on this list,

killed the hand that fed them, or a vulnerable family

member.  In most of the media reports of the attacks, all that

remains to be said of  the dogs is perhaps gender, or breed

description, or some other kind of description…a large

brindle dog weighing 65 pounds….it looked to be some kind

of pit bull type of dog.   Pit bull advocates would like to keep

it just like that, sans breed. 

There may also be a horrifying

testimony of the scene encountered in the aftermath.

Perhaps the owner will make a  statement, on how surprised

that their dog (nameless now) has never once so much as

growled, they were beloved members of the family, but now,

we will not utter their  names.  Or, they will have recalled and

shared in retrospect, that their dog had been aggressive,

perhaps biting a family member, attacking or killing other

animals, and no red flags had been raised for the dangers that

these incidents had foreshadowed.

Of the names that could be found, you

will find most of them were not given the kind of

stereotypical pit bull names such as Killer or Monster or

Barracuda.  No, they had sweet, affectionate  dual syllable

monikers, like those of the pooch laying at your own feet right

now.  The only thing  different, their owners thought they

were just like the ordinary pooch laying at your own feet, but

they were pit bulls.  Until then, sweet, harmless cuddly-

wuddly curs, then just once,  they went game. 

Here are some of their names.

*Baby,family dog, killed  Ramani Virgil,
BatonRouge, Lousiana, 4/19/2000.

Bane and Herra


The Beast



*Brownie and General Chico killed Jah'Niyah White,
Chicago, Illinois,  12/7/2013.



*Butch killed his owner
Michael Cook, who didn’t survive the double amputation.

Tuscon, Arizona, 8/23/2011

*Buster killed Darius Tillman, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2/19/2011

Coca, Noah and Athena



*Dozer, the family pit bull, "snapped" and  killed
Isis Krieger while playing with the child.
Anchorage, Alaska,  9/18/2008

 Just before the incident, the Michael Naglee was being held by Louisa Farmer, Michael's maternal grandmother, while she sat on the couch. After Michael began squirming, she placed him on the floor. He then "ran across the room to *Duncan," according to Michael Farmer. The dog responded by knocking the boy down and attacking him and three adults who intervened. The couple got the animal at a shelter about four years ago. The dog, a 135 American Bulldog Mix, was shot dead on scene by responding deputies.
Oregon City, Oregon,  4/3/2011.


 The dog named *Foolish , owned by the babysitter’s

boyfriend,  had "slipped its collar" and chain and entered into

the owner's home. The dog quickly attacked the toddler,

Destiny Marie Knox,  who had not been left unattended as

previously reported. Investigators found no signs that the pit

bull had ever been mistreated. Chief Deputy Jimmy Whitten

said, "This dog was very healthy, very stout. It was well-kept,

well-groomed."  The owner owned four other pit bulls, and

even had a memorial to one of his pit bulls painted on the

window of his pick up truck.
New Albany, Mississippi, 11/6/2009.



 * Honey killed Joseph Hines, 58, , who had rescued him five years prior, Burnettsville, Indiana, 12/5/2011.

2-year old TayLynn DeVaughn was viciously attacked and killed by a family pit bull-mix named  *  Jake, while visiting her aunt's home on Fleetwood Drive in West Mifflin, a Pittsburgh suburb. The pit bull belongs to her aunt's boyfriend. 

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, 2/22,2015.

Kissy Face

* Kane killed his family member Tori Whitehurst, Phoenix,

Arizona, 11/05, 2007.



Mafia Lee and Passion Maria


Thumper and Max


*Molly, a supposed pit bull/Airedale cross used for hunting pigs, killed Vincent Scardina, Carmel Valley, California, 3/1965.



Penny and Bosston




*Rebel and Thor





Shipper, Road, Two-Face and Satan








Clara and Xeno



* No photograph could be found of the named dog.

All of these dogs are innocent, because they were only doing what they have been purposely bred to do.   Nearly every one  of them paid for the crime of being promoted as family pets, most humanely euthanized and their heads cut off to discern if there was rabies.  Not one of them had rabies, but every single one of them had something as deadly called gamebred D.N.A..   Some of them were shot or stabbed by police, a neighbor or even a family member.  All of them had more humane deaths than the ones in which they had just participated.   Please remember the people who owned these dogs when you utter the phrase, "it's all how you raise 'em"
It's the bloodiest lie spread by the pit bull advocacy.
Who are the real killers, what are their names?  You will know them by the misinformation they spread, racking up more and more victims, more and more dead.  They call themselves pit bull and animal welfare advocates.  We don’t need to mention their names, you know them well.

Psalm 69:28 “Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, and not be written with the righteous.”