Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It Ain't Necissarily So


Pit Bull protects animal shelter workers from aggressive dogs (pit bulls)Oct 03, 2014

Texarkana, AR -
A Texarkana pit bull is being hailed a hero after protecting shelter workers from two aggressive dogs (pit bulls).

The attack happened on Monday when the owner of two female pit bulls surrendered the dogs to the Animal Care and Adoption Center. (Don't you wonder why they were surrendered?)
Shelter officials say two workers were securing the dogs in a fenced area, when they got out and attacked the men leaving bite marks and bruises on one of them. (Well done!  Professional animal control handlers can't handle these dogs, but then they peddle them out to the public!)

That's when another male pit bull named "Hank" got out of his kennel and rushed the dogs. (Be very careful if you go to this shelter, they can't control dogs, and apparently their kennels can't contain pit bulls either.  Let's hope they have installed a panic button like the ASPCA suggests. )

Hank received injuries to his throat and had to have stitches. (That's what happens in a pit bull melee.  It's called "redirected aggression")

"He has been taken in by the Faithful Friend's Rescue Group. They're looking for support on getting him vetted and looking for a foster home and eventually a permanent home," said Jennifer Jones, Interim Director, Animal Care and Adoption Center.  (Caching!)

Hank is six years old and had been abused before coming to the shelter. (Pass the Kleenex.  Caching!)
He was actually on the list to be euthanized. (Hurry and donate TODAY!)
Hank will now face six months of rehab before he can be adopted. (That costs money folks!)
The two female pit bulls were put down to be tested for rabies. (Two pit bulls sacrificed for one, where is the outrage?)

The test was negative. (It's  genetics!)
For more information on fostering to adopt Hank contact Sara Caller Pet Sitting and Dog Training, with the Faithful Friend's Rescue Inc.

It must have resembled  this scene of the "hero" T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

Hero, or just some clever "wag the dog" spin?