Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Wicked is snared in the work of his own making: Sunday School Scriptures for Pit Bull Advocates -- Psalm 9:15-16

I do not know what to make of  the dare devils of the world....and who knows why they do what they do.  Fatal Attractions, thrill seekers, those who dwell in an underground, illegal anti-social world.  I don't get you.  I do know, I would be quite fine with you alone being submitted to the Pandora's box of your own creation, by breeding a putrefication of "Man's Best Friend", as repugnant and cruel as it is, if it were only you who were burned by the fires you ignited. There is pity for these poor beasts, but then again,  they seem to enjoy the battle, and that years of selective breeding have given them an armor to be shielded and  perhaps even inspired by pain.   This is the strain of dog most likely to kill its own master.  

I also don't get those with a reverence for this creation.  You are like those who collect the paintings of John Wayne Gacy, and buy recordings of Charles Manson.  Instead of harmless kitsch you have a living and breathing creation, that often gets out.  I'll bet you are more worried about biotech corn, and you don't get that these are both man made genetic creations.  How many times have you heard that it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature? When you do, it's a pit of your own making.

Alas,  the evils of the world are regular Houdinis....14 times more likely to escape its enclosure.  Then the evils of the world descend on flocks of sheep, a passing widow and her poodle,  a child coming home from school.  Keepers of the pits, I have a real problem with this, and I have a real problem with you endangering your own family and children, and any unsuspecting person who ever ends up in your liar.

And even worse, the pit bull advocacy, these are the people who breed the dogs you "rehabilitate" and "redistribute". I have even more of a problem with your sordid practice.   You are sanctimonious in your recycling, but you are peddlers of toxic trash. 

   These are the people whom  you claim "culled the man biters", and whom you write with almost romantic rapture, accounts  of how the babies rode home bundled in the carnage of injured dogs on trams. I don't understand how you would even admit this, and that you say it with some kind of pride, as if there is anything remotely noble about this scenario.  What does this mean?  The dogmen  thank you for all of your hard work fighting for Breed Specific Legislation and getting rid of their culls and curs.  The rest of us note: you so called advocates and the pit masters have turned our neighborhoods into the pits.


  1. i too would be quite fine with they alone being submitted to the pandoras box of their own making.

    no victims other than deserving ones.

  2. Get over yourselfs which one of you fags have ever been near a pitbull even to see what one is like.keep reading and blogging about whatever else is on the net that is someone elses opinion.