Friday, December 14, 2012

Good News...The BIBLE SAVES!

Puddles the Angel Doggie

In my neighborhood, people walk with weapons.  I see an assortment of golf clubs and bats, there's likely pepper spray, knives, and guns hidden from view.  Apparently, there is a rash of accounts of people who no longer count on Animal Control or the Police to take care of errant pit bulls, and not just in my neighborhood:  people are taking up arms. Take your weapon when you go for the mail, isn't that ridiculous?  Welcome to Darfur!  Well, it is said, the Good Lord helps those who help themselves.

Be forewarned, however, those who live by the sword, die by the sword. In today's society, an act of self preservation can be viewed to be animal cruelty. Also, remember what happened to George Zimmerman, he originally purchased a handgun to protect himself and his wife from pit bulls running amok.

And then there is the man in Riverside California who shoved a hose down a pit bull named Puddles, and well, her name became an ironic and self fulfilling prophecy, and the man who was tired of dealing with this dog was cast as a horrible, wretched and cruel man.  The thing is, a normal dog would flee in such a deluge, but not the tenacious gripper, who was very pregnant at the time. I smell irresponsible pit bull owner, but the man who was protecting his dog was made out to be the bad guy.

I would also like to share the good news...the Bible can also SAVE in more ways than one!

This is an older media report, but I thought I would share it, since it is in keeping with the theme of this blog.  Besides, I found this groovy animated pit bull angel gif, and I had to share it with all of the faithful members our our congregation here at the First Church of Pit bulls, safety advocates and pit bull advocates alike.  Hey ya Pit Bull Tribe from Facebook...keep those break sticks AND the Bible handy! And for everyone else...may your angels be watching for you (and your dog)  when you go for a walk.....or may you be able  turn a pit bull into an angel.  God works in mysterious ways, so they say! 

City View, TX (KFDX) - A 77-year-old grandmother is recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls in a neighborhood outside of Austin, Texas. Luckily, a few good Samaritans came to her rescue.
The blood stains spattered on the road speak of the vicious attack.
"It was horrible. It was horrible. She was just crying, 'Help me, help me.'"
"They could have killed her. And that would have just been devastating. it was devastating enough to see her so defenseless on the ground pleading for help."
"They just ripped her. They had a rip on her head from here to back there, they had cut her right there & they had sliced her arm so it swelled up. And they had our arm just tearing at it."
These three Jehovah's witnesses were visiting the neighborhood when they heard June O'Hara's screams and joined a college student, trying to fight off the dogs.
"He come and grabbed the stick and he started beating at the dogs and they were trying to bite and attack him."

The Jehovah's witnesses decided seek a little divine intervention.

"I actually threw two Bibles. And they did back up. They backed up when I threw the Bibles at em. so the Bibles did help."

Finally, as first responders arrived, the dogs released the victim. Animal Control captured both pit bulls. AMR took June to the hospital.
"She's a very nice lady. I don't know her - but she's somebody's mother, somebody's grandmother, somebody's friend."
"The first thing she said to me when we saw her in the ER was she didn't think she was going to live through it. She actually didn't think she was going to be alive after this."
June's son, Tim, got to meet the good Samaritan ladies.
"There were some tears of thanks and joy and stuff like that. I'll find a way to go to their church and thank em somehow - there's gotta be a way. But I wish I could find out who the young man was. He needs to be thanked, too."
Tim says he wants something done to prevent this from happening to anyone else.
"My mom says she'll never go out the house again to take a morning walk like she has for who knows how many years - can't think of how many years she's been doing it. So now that's gonna tie her up in the house, and every time she walks outside she's going to be looking over her shoulder."

O'Hara has been released from the hospital. She sustained 12 puncture wounds to the head and a deep bite on her stomach.


  1. This 77 year old woman had a healthy habit of daily long walks. She has now chosen to be home bound because of justified fear, she may well have serious health complications. Pit bull attacks change lives. No one should have to live like this.


  2. well , i guess u can repel evil with a bible and a crusifix but you need a magnum silver coloured bullet to kill a pitbull.

    snarky but sparky works too.

  3. i dont believe in angel pitbulls , pitbulls with wings ot that pitbulls can fly either. i believe wnen they die or are killed their souls go south to run with beezelbub.

  4. Pit bulls fly without wings. I believe at one time, Lucifer was an angel, then he was cast out of heaven. Pit bulls with wings are called Gargoyles.

  5. perhap someday will turn a shitbull into an angel. i do believe unicorns dont bleed , pits might fly and crack ho's do go to heaven

  6. quess pitbulls can be angels too . if that angel-dust snortin crack ho can get into heaven , why not her ugly mutant ?


  7. quite a few crack ho's and their mutants sprout wings and hover over this fair "city of angels" , but i think most of em are sent south to keep lucifer company . dawinism at its best .

  8. I didn't bother reading this post- I read a different one, but found no place to comment. I think I can gather what ever other post is saying as well, because I've heard it a thousand. At least you use a little more logic and have better spelling than most the nut jobs that are usually saying this crap. Yeah, I get it. "Pit bulls are evil! I know because I see all this crap in the news about them!"
    I get it, okay. I was even unsure when I was younger, whether these things really were violent monsters, or just a dog like all the others. After all, I had never met a pit. Ever since I could walk I would run over to any dog I saw and ask to pet him/her, but there were practically no pits in my white bread, picket fence city.
    See I've always been a dog lover, and paid for it with my fair share of very minor bites, so I get that dogs bite. Anyone who knows anything knows if you get a puppy to raise, you better take a good look at those little needle teeth because your fingers and hands are going to be covered in that design for months. And just wait until teething starts! Our Labrador was no exception. But our family had all been taught how to train her, and every bite was one step closer to the last, and we got more kisses than bites anyway. She learned quickly and by her first birthday we'd seen the last bites she would ever give- accidentally or on purpose.

  9. In my teenage years I began to do a lot more running around to random people's homes. We have all had our little experimentation, and the weed dealers often seemed to have pits, mostly snuggly ones they brought every with names like "Buddha." Now I was never a big smoker, but I liked running around so I would go along for lots of random trips, and once or twice we found ourselves places slightly shadier than your neighborhood weedgrowers tricked-out apartment.
    These places sometimes contained less cuddly pit bulls with names like "Fang" and for some reason "Katie," or "Amy." Although less cuddly, these dogs still often did want some snuggles. I got the impression that these dogs were less the trained, loved, cushioned Buddha's and may very well eat my face off if I didn't allow them to snuggle up on my lap, so I indulged them in whatever they wanted. They never did bite me, and they probably just wanted a little bit of cuddling, but you could just tell these dogs were here partially as a show of toughness, and partially as decor, and partially as an exotic untameable symbol of the owner. Like the king that has a psycho tiger chained just far enough way from his thrown that he won't get eaten.
    These dogs weren't trained at all. They paid no attention to their owners because their owners paid no attention to them. And I'm not sure, but I suspect these owners may have encouraged aggression if they saw it. And your right in that some of these Fangs and Katies, in the wrong situation would eat someones face off. Not most of them. Probably none of them if they were put in a good home. But some of them, in the wrong situation would kill a child. Maybe 1 percent.

  10. As a young adult I was lucky enough to find my "the one." He was lucky enough to have an adorable, sweet, family dog named Jagger. Like I said my passion has always been canines, and I've done mountains of reading in my spare time, and that accompanied by good instincts makes me good with dogs. So the first thing I wanted to do with Jagger, especially after I fell for his adorable puppy wiles, was establish his breed mix. He was adopted by my boyfriend's family at 1 year old, and he had been imported from Detroit. He was chosen by my boyfriends totally awesome, responsible, loving parents for his kind smart eyes. He was big, and clearly half rott, and after we ruled out lab, we were sure the other half was pit. This made the pit bull battle very personal for me, because I know this dog would rather die than let any of his human children be hurt.
    Over time Jagger has proved his loyalty over and over. He used to get nervous the first year when I'd get too close to my boyfriend (his Brother/Daddy.) We did a few situational tests where I would pretend to lightly attack my boyfriend. Jagger would quickly jump into my "attack" and throw himself over my boyfriend, and try to lick me back into calmness. Don't worry, we were very careful not to upset him, we told him it was a game after.
    Once, when I was trying to massage a kink in boyfriend's back, Jagger gave me "Please stop?" body language, and then insisted on doing the massage himself with his tongue. When I still tried to continue he flattened himself over my boyfriends back and tried to intercept my hands and keep them occupied with Jagger kisses. Then he gave "stop it" rottie grumbles, and when boyfriend tried to get up, Jagger was so in the zone, he wrapped his paws around boyfriend desperately, to stay on his back where he could offer protection.
    A different time, my boyfriends teenage brother was discussing squirt guns with my boyfriend. In the process the brother aimed the squirt guns at my boyfriend, and made firing gestures. Jagger saw, and completely flipped. He ran between them and proceeded to bark very urgently (which he never ever does), and jump between them, trying to stay in the path of danger to protect my boyfriend. We believe he has experienced gunfire before, because that was seriously bizarre behavior for him, and he continued to act very strange until the "guns" were removed. My point in this story is that he was more than willing to take a bullet for his family, and unwilling to hurt the gun wielding family member. His INSTINCTS tell him it is better to die protecting your family than to risk hurting the violent family member.

  11. Both these stories are meant to speak of this particular dog's true nature. He never attempted to hurt any offender, no matter how serious he felt things were. He ALWAYS immediately rushed to make sure his family was protected with his own life. I think it would be fair to say this particular pit mix has peace in his nature, and has it in his nature to die for his humans.
    Does this mean every pit is like this? Heck, no. But for every story of gore and violence at the hands of pits, I'm sure there are ten of pits that have been willing to die to make sure no humans are hurt. In fact, offhand, I know of three that took a bullet for their owner, and survived. The survivors are the ones reported, because it's a story more want to read than a story of pitbull who took a bullet and died, which is sad. Sensationalism is what is causing this sudden gush of stories of only pits, and only attacks. If you are going to hear the awful stories, those of us who know great pits want you to hear the good stories too.
    And as for blaming the victim- I would never ever do this intentionally, but pit owners whose dog attacks often have a share of the blame. If SOMEONE must be blamed, I'd rather it be the owners who let their pit do as he pleases, and offer no guidance, than several breeds of dog who were unlucky enough to get BAD owners.
    Yes,an owner who keeps a dog clearly capable and ready to attack and kill, an owner who doesn't correct this behavior, that is a BAD OWNER. And honestly, should parents EVER leave their baby alone with a dog who has not been trained EXTENSIVELY to be good with children? They may be fine, but maybe not. My sister has a small dog. Although I trust the Jagger boy with my whole heart, do you think I leave them alone together? NO, NO, and NO. It only takes one mistake. In time, maybe I will be sure that there will be no mistake, but until then, I have no business playing with fate. In fact the tiny dog, bit my pit-mix, so I'm glad I didn't leave them alone. He made a noise back, while I was separating them, and I gave harsh words to both. If I hadn't, either dog may have not known what to do, in this no situation, with no guidance.

    I digress. I'm trying to show you people why we care. Why the pit lovers cannot stand the thought of killing all the pits. They are our sweet babies. We know it can't be the breed making dogs attack, because we have dogs that would rather die than hurt anyone. Can't you see that?