Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dem Bones

There is a little child who may have, or may have not stolen the bone of a dog named Mickey.  Little Kevin is still in the hospital.  He has a long road to recovery.  Very likely, he will have to explain for the rest of his days, the scars he will forever wear on his face. 

Mickey, was "just" defending his territory, and a bone.
Thanks to the Lexus project, Mickey will live the rest of his days, sans fangs (they will be ground down), testicles, in a cage at some "rehabilitation" center. It's nice to know that he will now have a microchip in case he escapes or is stolen, I guess. 

He will likely not have any more bones to chew. 

But we have plenty of bones to chew, and for the first time, people who don't know much about the issue of pit bulls and their crowds of crazy zealots, got a glimpse when the story made national news.  The consensus seems to be, we are going to the dogs. 

So, Mickey gets more support, more in donations and will live. 
Kevin is still in the hospital. 

His cause did not inspire as many donations or support as did the dog that savagely injured him.

Speaking of Bones, there are plenty of skeletons in the closet of the Lexus project.  They did such a good job with a dog named....


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There was no glory in dem Bones.

The blog Scorched Earth has the complete, unbelievable much ado of the dog that was used as a murder weapon and the sheer lunacy involved in saving him. 


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  2. i'm scratching my head trying to understand why the lexus project has a fucking ounce of credibility after the bones fiasco.

  3. Oh Dawn, you are thinking like a normal human, not a nutter! You know the ONLY credibility you need to get the love and support of nutters is to proclaim "Pit bulls are wonderful, lets save them!" Add a few tales of "persecution", some myths and misinformation, and no one will question you again. It is totally irrelevant what you actually do, so one as you tow the party line, you are golden.

    The "rescue" that had Bones apparently took money to board these dangerous dogs, but killed them instead. That sounds like a workable solution, the only sane one I have heard of for "saved" dogs that have been deemed dangerous. After all, the nutters need to believe that there is a fantasyland where killer dogs live out their natural lives happily. It doesn't take much to keep the lie alive when they are so desperate to be duped.

  4. Is it really worth it fiscally for the Lexus Project to do what they do? Do they really make that much money off saving these murdering mutts to go to the lengths they do? I KNOW they're not doing it out of the misguided goodness of their hearts.

  5. This story is a CLASSIC! The wild goose chase started by Kat Sutter after she kills the dog and buries him in the backyard is like some cheezy crime story! ANOTHER good reason to put down ALL maulers, period!

    Something as pedestrian as "credibility" means NOTHING to these whackos.