Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dante's Inferno: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions II

Dante's Inferno is supposed to be an allegory.  This one is a true story.  This tale takes place on the verdant isle of New Zealand, rumored to be so beautiful that it's the nearest thing to heaven on Earth.  Add pit bulls and the crazy tribe associated with them, and there shall be circles of suffering that will convolute the very boarders of hell and purgatory. 

A  red nosed pit bull  by the name of DANTE was living in doggy purgatory. His owner, Teresa Kati, could not afford the bail and so she appealed to the kindness and generosity of folks that pit bulls often inspire on facebook, and not only were the fees met, but  toys and groceries for the children (named Fury and Lust) were also donated.  There was a feel good happy happy story about the good deeds done for complete strangers by complete strangers.  Those good intentions are supposed to end right there, with a happily ever after.  Add a red nosed pit bull named DANTE, and you see were that road leads. 

Usually, the moral of the story is posted last, but this time, it is presented betwixt the first part and the second, like a bridge between a verse and chorus.  The moral of the story:  is it wise to donate to return a pit bull to an irresponsible owner who wasn't able to properly contain the dog in the first place, didn't have it altered, didn't have the required microchip,  couldn't afford the bail of $532.30?  Apparently, the dog warden had discussed Dante's aggression problems before....remember, two children in the household....Fury and Lust, who are likely going to have some issues later with names like that. There ought to be a law, I digress.    She also had either obtained another dog or had another dog in a residence where  only one was allowed.  So Dante, "sweeter than honey and an absolute cuddle bug", was sent to stay with her sister. Let's add, the local is  Napier, New Zealand, where pit bulls are essentially banned.  Let's keep traveling down that road of good intentions. 
Speaking of names, often they are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Dante went to her sister's house in the Napier suburb of Maraenui and was put on a run in the back lawn, where another dog, a 7-month-old Shar Pei named TERROR, was on a chain.

Dante got off his run on Thursday night and mauled Terror, the Shar Pei puppy to death.

Terror's owner said his children witnessed the attack, which left the lawn covered in blood.

The man said he agreed to look after Dante because Kati already had a dog at her Housing New Zealand house and was not allowed another there.

"I was next door. By the time I got there, it was over.

"I watched my dog die and he [Dante] still wouldn't let go. He was trying to rip his head off. There was nothing I could do. I watched him have his last breath. To make it worse, my kids saw it all."

He said the children were "hysterical".

"My backyard is full of blood. My missus doesn't want to go out there. Dante shouldn't have been allowed out of the pound."

Animal control officer Dwayne McOnie said he found a "horrific, bloody scene". 

Terror indeed.


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  2. I have a pit bull and a brand new baby she loves him and her only offense would be licking him to death. clearly you have never owned a pit bull or considered giving them a chance. I've seen the you write about akitas and THOSE are violent dogs...Instead of hating on a bread why not try and interact with a few that are family dogs you are shaming a breed you get from statistics.

  3. Where have I written about Akitas, they are a risky breed of dog. I don't hate them or BREAD. I especially like a good pumpernickel. And I hope your pit bull doesn't lick your little baby to death. He may just be waiting until the baby is ripe.....