Sunday, February 12, 2012


P is for PITBULL, public nuisance number one,
I is for IDIOT owners who must think carnage is fun,
T is for their inbred power grip and TENACITY
B is for the BLOOD that is shed too frequently
L is for the hope of preventative LAWS to pass someday...
L is for a vulgar LYING pit bull advocacy,
S is for we must SOMEHOW STOP all this insanity!


  1. If there's a bull in the breed it carrys bad seed.

    1. Your comment inspired a line in this new blog!

  2. Prevent the deed, ban the breed.
    Oops, sorry, ban the whole entire range of fighting and baiting breed types, derivatives, and mixes.

  3. In the news! Keep a Bible handy, they may deter pit bulls!

  4. B Blogger accounts are free, and apparently they'll let any asshole open one (a blogger account, have you opened an asshole recently?) and -good news for you!- you don't need to know anything about HTML or journalism to start blabbing away!

    A Assholes are like opinions, and this opinionated asshole posts opinions masquerading as facts! Good thing nobody's paying you to do this. You do it in your own plentiful free time!

    T You have three to four ass-kissing followers. Are you all related or dating or both?

    S Someone had a sad childhood. Boo hoo

    H and also hooey

    I The Internet should only be accessed after psychological and IQ testing. But then I wouldn't be able to poke crazies like you! Heh :)

    T They see me trollin', they hatin'

    I Insanity can be hereditary, but that's not the only reason you shouldn't breed. You're likely past your prime anyways.

    N Nobody has your back, and that's really sad, but why take it out on dogs? It's people you really hate.

    S Sad little blogger has a sad little free blog and not much else, amirite?

    A As a child, what is it that you parents did to you that made you like this? There are counselors who can help. If you pay them.

    N You're naive if you think you're anonymous.

    E Ever notice how easy it is to find out a ton of information about anybody? :)

    Ah, acrostics. Haven't done one since the fourth grade, thanks for the lark!