Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Martyrs of the Cause

The pit bull advocacy is so much like a religion, it even has it's own cast of "Holy Martyrs" for the cause. Just to own a pit bull takes a real leap of faith. Just take a look at the definition of Martyr....A martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, "witness"; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-) is somebody who suffers PERSECUTION and DEATH for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious. Consider the archetype of the Martyrs, HEROS who commit themselves to the cause, who face OPPOSITION (those who value public safety, called "haters" or "pitlers" by the pit bull and despite the RISK, shows COURAGE by ignoring the risks. They are KILLED by the opposition (or in this case, by the pit bull), and then the death is COMMEMORATED or CELEBRATED (in the pit bulls case, by a candlelight vigil or by donations...tithing...to the cause.)

Darla Napora, is the epitome of this kind of martyr. The irony that she was an avid supporter of a pitbull advocacy known as BADRAP, and killed along with the fruit of her womb, by her own dog, Gunner. Pit bull advocates started rumors that her husband Greg had actually killed her, along with the myth that she must have fallen from a ladder, and the dog must have gotten carried away by trying to "wake her up". In the end, absolved of his guilt by a priest, Greg decided that Darla and the cremated remains of her murderer would join the holy union of eternal rest. Lux Aeterna, Mater de Canis de Cavus.


Speaking of Saints, the pit bull community grabbed the suicide of a struggling actor named Nick Santino, to promote "awareness" of the harassment of pit bull owners. Nick's dog Rocco was allowed to live in a N.Y.C. apartment building, even grandfathered in, but apparently Nick didn't think of moving to another apartment building, giving the dog up, and resorted to euthanize the dog. According to some reports, the dog had recently begun to show signs of aggression, maybe the reason that management of the apartment building banned him from using the elevator. Who wants to ride in an elevator with an aggressive pit bull! Overcome with grief, Nick overdosed on pills and left a note stating,

“Today I betrayed my best friend. Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this.”

For the pit bull advocacy, Nick's suicide inspired candle light vigils and was used to promote an anti-BSL agenda. Saint Nick and Rocco were both cremated and their ashes shall be unified for eternity. Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.


For Nick’s Dog Rocco



Then there's poor Lennox, an American Bulldog/Labrador cross, who was seized by the Belfast City Council and a judge declared that he be euthanized because the dog looked like a pit bull (they are absolutely right to do this, American Bulldogs ARE pit bull types of dogs, banned in Ireland.). The dog's owners chose to ignore the law, and have made their dog the poster child of international BSL. Lennox has a perpetual vigil on Facebook in his honor, likely many thousands of dollars have been raised for his cause, but not a penny contributed to pit bull victims. Lennox's life seems to have been preordained, a destiny, if you will. In truth, this dog was the innocent, but the city council was demonized for upholding their policy instead of the owners of the dog, who ignored the law. In my town, you can't keep a goat within city limits. I haven't heard of a goat mauling in quite a while. Ironic, when you consider that Satan himself is often portrayed as a goat. Kýrie, eléison



Candelight vigils for Pit Bulls



Candlelight Vigil For Wildside Dogs
Candlelight vigil for NC pit bull dogs (Wilkes County, NC) that were killed or died after being held as evidence to bust the convicted dog fighter, Ed Faron...over 127 pit bull dogs were killed ...Where is this event: ...Raleigh, NC (hopefully Capitol steps)....Wednesday, March 4 2009 at 7:00pm...candles, banners and dog collars (one for each dog that was killed or died) to represent the Wildside kennel dogs that are now dead. A bell or chime will sound and a collar will be placed in a pile until all of the dead dogs are represented...BSL and Animal welfare laws MUST be changed! Pit Bull Dog owners, we are asking for your support by attending this event.

Read more: http://www.pitbull-chat.com/showthread.php?24595-Candlelight-Vigil-For-Wildside-Dogs#ixzz1q3YQqyqQ


Man Committed Suicide Because Danish Authorities Euthanized His Dog


  1. another witty blog post. thank you.

    i never tire of reading about darla napora. i keep hoping one day, it will make sense.

    unfortunately the link about lennox above leaves out critical details (the nutters are always omitting incriminating evidence). lennox was aggressive and that's why he was seized. lennox continued to show aggression after he was seized. click and scroll to the bottom

  2. This is another frighteningly accurate description of pit bulls owners and the pit bull problem. I find it sickening, and to be honest, frightening, that candlelight vigils are held, and money is donated for aggressive pit bulls that have maimed and mauled, and killed people. Yet, NOTHING for the victims, not even the slightest bit of empathy. That's just frightening to me. Scary what the world is coming to. Pit bulls need to be banned, nationwide.

  3. it is high time that victims of this breed started showing up at their candlelight vigils with placards of the carnage...

  4. Amen! Not everyone would like to participate in the pitbull community's blood rituals. It's bad enough, often the sacrifice is a family child or grandma!

  5. "they are absolutely right to do this, American Bulldogs ARE pit bull types of dogs, banned in Ireland"

    Except Belfast isn't in Ireland. Where do you get your facts?

    Also, Dawn James? It's been proven that the woman claiming Lennox was/is aggressive committed perjury, and there are videos available for all to see of her petting, cuddling, getting kisses from Lennox.

    I mean, if you're going to try to publish religious zealotry and anti-dog rhetoric, the least you could do is _just enough_ research so that any poor sod off the street who _hasn't_ done any research wouldn't be able to oust you as an idiot.

  6. Ashee wrote:

    "Except Belfast isn't in Ireland. Where do you get your facts?"

    Belfast is in Northern Ireland, sweetie.


  7. i have owned pitbulls for more than 10 years. i believe the great majority of agressive pitbulls are that way because of treatment/abuse, not because of any predisposition to be aggressive. however, just as some people appear to be born to be bad, it follows (i believe) that there are some pitbulls predisposed to aggression. their 'crimes' are magnified since they are such a powerful animal and can do great harm in a short time period. pitbulls can be so damaged that they can never be rehabilitated, though Cesar Milan may disagree. those dogs should be kept separate from other dogs, and in some cases put down. but, the pitbull hysteria mostly inflamed by people without experience as pitbull owners, is unfair to the breed and to owners who must get rid of their dog or move out of the locale with restrictive BSL. i think people should always find out about any breed's characteristics before making the decision to get that dog. i am sold on pitbulls as companions. i just wish people would take time to find out the truth about the breed before damning it. Go to a rescue group and ask to see a friendly pitbull or contact a local pitbull org. get information and a sense of the breed. i think you will be surprised.

  8. Eric, the great majority of pit bulls who attack are FAMILY PETS who usually never once showed aggression, until that one time they did. Darla Napora was just like you, she was one of those who wanted people to find out the truth....she found out. Now her father mourns.

    This is a letter from Darla Napora's father. Darla was tragically killed by her own pitbull on August 11,2011 - R.I.P.
    I have tried not to say anything but, every time there is a pit bull attack Darla’s name comes up. People commenting about whom they think she was and what happened to explain away the simple fact that a pit bull killed her. HER PIT BULL KILLED HER.

    People have said “She was white trash and that she must have abused her dog.” or “ She fell off a ladder and the dog didn’t attack-it only was trying to awaken her.” and “ Her husband trained the dog to attack Darla.” I also heard she left Yakima because they outlawed pit bulls. In reality, Darla had been living in the Bay Area several years before she decided she had the time and the room to have pets.

    Prior to her marriage, Darla adopted a female pit bull and became a member of a local pit bull group that advocated against the bad rap that they always fell into. Darla exercised, trained and loved her dog while providing a good home.

    After marriage, Darla’s husband wanted a male pit bull and one was rescued. This pit bull was larger than average and for some reason, they chose not to neuter. Darla’s husband came home for lunch and found Darla dead, her neck torn open and the male standing over her. Darla’s dog was in the corner of another room. Cowering and had urinated on the floor. This was the end of Darla’s life and she was pregnant with her first baby. Two lives ended BECAUSE of a pit bull.

    I became Darla’s Dad when she was about four years old. She played basketball and soccer in school. It was a joy watching her grow up and become an adult. When she turned 18, she asked me to formally adopt her and I did.

    Darla was raised around horses, cattle and pigs as well as dogs and cats. Darla always treated animals with dignity, respect and love. Everyone loved Darla. She was a genuine good person through and through.

    Darla was so happy when she called to tell me she was going to have my grand baby. She sent me sonogram images and audio from the baby’s heartbeat. Yes, I still have all of the pictures and audio plus her texts, emails and her phone number in my phone.

    Darla’s baby shower was 1 month away when she died. She was planning on flying up to Seattle for it. I had just sent her a crib.
    Darla was 32 years old; she took her time and planned everything. This was the most exciting time in her life. We, as a family were just as excited.

    I can only imagine the shock and horror that she felt. She honestly believed in the pit bull. I have always had dogs. I have 3 now. I have never trusted a pit bull. I know why.

    Darla is always in my heart. I think of her every day. I am deeply, deeply saddened by this tragedy. It seems almost worse because it was preventable. My mind goes down the “what if” path very often.
    I love Darla and I miss her.

    Doug Robinson

  9. I don't for the life of me understand how people can be "sold" on a breed that was bred to kill another dog either, and find that dog aggression should be tolerated. So you can only have a dog purposely bred for the gross disgusting sport of dog fighting and has an actuarial risk of 3,000 percent more dangerous, and is 6 times more likely to kill you. Must be thrilling. I suppose you are one of those who think "if it ain't pit, it ain't shit". Well, good for you, if your dog gets in a tangle with another dog, except for maybe another pit bull or a Kangle, your dog will walk away with an owie or two. You will watch it DELIGHT in fighting, like Labs delight in fetching. And you use words like "hysteria"....yes, after it happens to you, maybe you will empathize. And "unfair"...well, boo hoo hoo, unfair is finding out how difficult it to find justice after it happens to you. You chose a riskier breed, then be prepared to pay the price. "Unfair" is what it is for normal people to go for a walk, get the mail, and some person's "nice" pit bull SOMEHOW gets out and D.N.A. just expresses itself. "Unfair" is thinking we should just lump all dog problems into what IS predominately a PIT BULL problem, that toy poodles should have the same requirements as pit bulls.

    I've met "nice" pit bulls. All the while, I know they are unpredictable. Maybe you should meet some pit bull victims, people who have watched pit bulls tear up their children or pets. If you haven't seen a pit bull in action on a being you love, you don't know pit bulls.

    Darla's pit bull was nice. The pit bull that killed my NICE dog was nice.

    'Napora's family reported that Gunner was well trained, never showed signs of aggression and was good around children, said Scott Delucchi of the Peninsula Humane Society, where a necropsy was performed late Friday.'