Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Requiem to Lost Body Parts

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards had just HAD a nose job.  Then her daughter got a puppy, a pit bull.  Well, now the puppy lives with her.  She expressed that she would have chosen something smaller, one of those little yappy dogs.  

"Sometimes when he (pit bull puppy) gets excited, I'm scared".

Well, Pit bull puppy got really excited, and decided to do an overhaul of Kim's new nose.  Lucky for Kim, she can just go back to the surgeon, and have them fix up the damage.

Not all who sacrifice a body part to a pit bull are so lucky. 

The current statistic is, every five days in the  U.S.A., somebody suffers a dismemberment from a pit bull. 

Along with the pain and suffering, the process of going through perhaps several medical procedures, there is a grieving process similar to grieving death on what was lost.  Many victims will mourn to loose their former self, and the the physical loss of the function and ability.  The loss of a body part may be accompanied by a loss of a positive body image, and it can have devastating effects on a person's identity and self esteem.

This is just a sample of media reports involving dismemberments. Some victims do not survive these injuries.

Fingers and Toe s

September 24, 2009:  Pit Bull chews off Baby's toes

May 18, 2010  Pit-bull Finger Chomp results in 300K settlement

January 20, 2013: Pit bull  bites off Woman's thumb

February 12, 2013: Pit Bull bites off finger 
August 1, 2017 Woman looses finger


Injuries to Cheeks and lips are the most common dog bite injury.

  The Center for Disease Control reports  that it is an increasing problem.
Most injuries were soft tissue related, however more severe bites and injuries were observed in attacks from the pit-bull and Rottweiler breeds."

Medical notes on the reconstruction of Raul Carrizales's cheek (In Spanish).  The above illustration is of the ground breaking medical procedure that closed the open gash that exposed his teeth and jaw.


January 12, 2012 Disfigured woman suffers discrimination

April 12, 2002 Man's nose torn off in pit bull attack

January 9, 2013:  Pit bull bites off 10-year old's nose.

July 2, 2016 Man's Stafforshire bites off and eats nose


This is a horrifically long list of this specific kind of  horrific injury for which pit bulls seem to have an innate talent for.  "Lucky" is the victim to survive this kind of injury. 

August 8, 2013:  Pit Bull Bites Off Part of Man's Tongue


May 31, 2013: Most of  Linda Henry's scalp was ripped from her skull. She underwent skin grafts this week to replace the skin on her head. Henry said she was once a pit bull lover, but she now believes that breed of dog should be banned from her community.

Dallas man looses arm in pit bull attack. July 17, 2018

November 23, 2013:  Fundraiser set for amputee in Sun City.  This woman lost her leg as a child in an incident with a pit bull, and now advocates for them.


April 13, 2011:  Girl looses her ear in a pit bull attack

May 10, 2013:  Pit Bull rips off Teen Girl's Ear

Jan 31, 2017 : LILBURN, GA
– A 7-year-old boy is recovering after two pit bulls attacked him and ripped off both of his ears.



Prayers to St. Agatha

June 14, 2002:  Pit bull attacks two women, rips breasts, arms, and legs.


September 1, 2004: Pit bull Bites Off Man's Genitals

April 8, 2010:  Baby attacked by two pit bulls (bites off testicles)

November 2, 2013: Man dies after pit bull bites off testicles

November 21, 2013: Pit bull Severs Genitals in Yonkers.

 July 11, 2017 , South African man's genitals severed and consumed post mortem by pet pit bull. 

August 30, 2017   Los Vegas Thug's manhood bitten by pit bulls

Denver boy may loose testicles. July 4, 2018

Milagros are little charms used in prayers for ailing body parts, 
or what those body parts symbolically  represent.


  1. one of the traits that distinguish grippers from normal dogs.

    good one meals. i missed this somehow in november.

  2. Very good! I applaud your blog.

  3. Kim richards should focus on sobriety not pit bulls

  4. This blog is a magnet for sick and dangerous minds looking for the most evil dog in the world.

  5. Nutters have tried to ruin my life. They have gone to Instagram grabbed pics of my child and posted, making fun of her...they have even threatened my life. Currently they have three websites devoted to hating me and wishing me death. My crime? I got into a verbal battle on a pro pit Facebook page with a Nutter.
    I had no clue I would be battling what seemed the entire internet. Not one...not one person defended my position or attacked theirs. I seriously think there is no hope for mankind when we lose our humanity. I'm very depressed because I have three innocent grandchildren. They live in an area where pitbulls are allowed to run free. They can no longer go to the park, or walk their own dog or even go to events. It's very sad. Thanks for this blog.-Kelly England