Friday, April 6, 2012

A Pit bull named JESUS!

A robber broke into the house of a family just after they had left to go to church one evening. He was rummaging through the upstairs rooms when he heard a voice saying: "Jesus is watching you!"

Fearing the family might have come home early, he snuck downstairs. When he didn't see anyone, he continued looking for valuables. Plundering the silver cabinet, he heard the voice again. This time from right behind him: "Jesus is watching you!"

He threw his arms in the air and turned around with his heart pounding. But there was no one there...Except for a little green parrot in a birdcage.

Relieved, the robber chuckled and said: Hey, birdie! Let me guess! Your name is Jesus."

"Bwak...No," said the bird, "my name is Moses."

"Moses?" the robber wondered. "What kind of weirdos name their bird Moses?"

"Bwak... The same weirdos that named their pitbull 'Jesus'.

And just what kind irreverent person would name a PIT BULL JESUS?

Meet Orlando Romero, a native of El Salvador who now calls Rockville, MD home.

“I used to pray a lot. One of the prayers I had a vision, and God told me to get a pet, and name him Jesus (pronounced Hay-SOOS). And that’s how I got him. And he really did help me a lot.”

So said Mr.Romero, owner of Romero’s Floors, an installation and refinishing operation, of his 120 pound Rottweiler/Pitbull mix named JESUS who went on a rampage that likely produced many more prayers to God!

The dog went through doors (In a way reminding me of Jesus himself removing the stone placed before his grave. Jesus was divine, but surely pitbull/rottweiler mixes have some rather amazing, god-like powers! WOW!) before ripping into his beloved owner's own flesh, inflicting more than $20,000 (thank you tax payers!) in medical bills in wounds to the bone into the arms of his fervently pious owner, who also had known gang affiliations and was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of his attack. Jesus evaded capture from police for hours, first using a capture pole and even a taser, until the police finally shot the dog.

I'm thinking that perhaps JESUS had really been intended as a gift for his wife and children, as reported in this:

"This deadbeat fathers name is Orlando Romero (aka Orlando Romero Zavala or Orlano Zavala). For 11 years I was married to this man. My abuse started from a week after we got together and STUPID Me, I stayed. I believed all of his lies that he would never do it again. So I married him, had 3 children. Not only was I being abused by this man, he started on my children. He was or maybe still associated with a very bad and dangerous gang. I don't know.

There was not a day that went by that I myself was not beat up, it was constint, then my children. My youngest got it from the time I was pregnant with him until I left. Because of that, he is LEARNING DISABLED among other things. It got so bad from him, he would use guns and knives in the house towards us, that to this day I hypervenalate when balloons pop near me even in front of me. Due to this, we finally managerd to leave in a hurry, only to have to be on the run for 3 years and move 12 times in those 3 years.

Anyways, I am disabled now and I am not allowed to work anymore by doctors orders. I have RSD(a very painfull chronic disabling nerve disorder,)this makes it impossible to walk on my feet longer that 45 min. to an hour. I have a Degenerative disk disororder, 4 cyst in various parts of body, Ostio and Rhumetoid Arthritis and also slipped disk in lower back and neck from an accident. Before this, I was an Asst. Baker at a store.

Since I became disabled, I have had no money to take care of my kids. So of course I need his help. No, that is not going to happen. Everytime court came around, he would quit a job, 2 down to 1 so he would not have to pay much. Even then he would not pay even with a court order. A few years go by, non payment of child support gets higher and higher. From $8,000 behind to $11,000 when this last court hearing came around in 2007. Now 1 year later and the amount is up to $18,000. I have little food, Disability only pays so much and that only pays some of the rent. My straight A student daughter had to get a job part time get little hours just to help out even a little.

He also has 2 other children ages 4 and 3. She left him because he beat on her as well but thank god, not the children this time around. He has not payed her in a few months either. She has a good job but that is not the point.

He has a flooring business under the table, making good money (has no business license nor flooring license), he lives in a $415,000. home (his name with 2 others), has 2 brand new work vans that he bought and a used pick up truck but put in his sisters name to hide and the list goes on. Now he wants to cell that house. Little does he know what I have done (HaHaHa).

Everytime I ask him for money, he does not have it he says. He says, I have not had business or I just payed my bills. Come on we all have bills, but I have the kids that I have to cloth and feed. I have went as far as putting leins on the things that has his name on it. But it has not got me no where. They froze his bank account, now it all goes into his business account and Child Support will not touch it. I think that if it is under the table and he is not paying taxes on it. I think that Child Support should be able to freeze that account to. His license has even been suspended for a long time now but he still drives those vans. Oh, and he is always buying new clothes, jewlery, new furniture, a huge flat screen etc. but still has no money.

This man needs to be put in jail, Im sorry he has been there so much, that I think he likes it there. What now, what more can i do???

My kids have been through hell due to this man, and it is

frederick, Maryland


  1. For some unknown reason, none of the links work, so please copy and paste them into your search engine/browser, and LO and BEHOLD, it shall come to pass! The video interview of Orlando Romero is not to be missed! He is like so many of the unfortunate owners of pit bulls who have had a "COME TO JESUS" moment, this one, quite literal! HE HE HE! Pit bull advocates should be inspired to keep the dogs from such a person in the first place, but for some reason, they fight any BSL, tooth and nail. (Hey that rhymes...could inspire a new poem). Speaking of that, check out my other blog,!

  2. that ripoff report was really something.
    why is it that the owners of these dangerous dogs so often fit the profile of a psychopath?

    1. Oh, the pun RIP OFF! First there is the big RIP OFF of pit bull advocates insisting "it's all how you raise 'em", then there is the "RIP OFF" action of the dog itself, usually an arm, a nose, or a scalp. In this case, the victim is a man that was a huge "RIP OFF" artist. This case must be the Holy Trinity of RIP OFFS.

  3. "He should have died. The dog was killed because of learned behavior from its owner. I don't believe one word out of this guys mouth." Yup nothing more inportant than the pitbull. Geeze.

  4. OMG can you idiots stop stealing stuff off of the internet and putting your own warped spin on it?! I mean get a freakin grip! Do any of you have an original thought in your empty heads? Yeah, didn't think so.

  5. Spin is the general goal. As for your post, I've read near clone statements from your ilk ad nauseum. At least you could have written a poem.

  6. How about a haiku?

    You're psycho, for sure
    Did your parents love the dog
    More than they loved you?

  7. So did the robber get attacked or just the owner??